Destination: Caligos Isle

Resources and References

What you can expect?  Look over the albums from previous years for all the fun people had:

And review the Buyer’s Guides for the best-selling favorite merchandise from previous festivals:

2020 Schedule

Here’s the announced schedule from GM Thandiwe’s first post: combined with her second post that includes the finer details:

Ebon Gate Opens at 9pm on 10/2/2020 in all instances. The games will close at Noon on October 31st, but shops will remain open until 11:59 that night, per GM Haliste on Discord.

Storyline starts at 8pm on 10/2/2020 in all instances as the Damsel of the Deep leaves for Caligos Isle. No pass is required. it continues all month.  Theme verse and Story/Quest introduction from GM Thandiwe. The grand finale for the storyline is at 9pm on Saturday, October 24.

Prime Merchant Week starts at 9pm on 10/16/2020. Service Pass required for merchants and raffles. PRO TIP: Watch the Tweets from Platinum’s Merchant Week (before ours) to get a feel for the merchants and raffles we could potentially see in Prime.

Caligos Games, Digging, Mini-games, Competition High Dive, the Necropolis, and Mist Survivor, open at 9pm on October 10 and close down on Oct 31 at noon. (Note: NOT MIDNIGHT) You will need a game pass to play these. Unless they cost seashells. Usually those do not require a pass. Wyorom posted about the games and prizes

Fishing – there’s a seashells entry fee, but it will not require a game pass

Trick or Treating: This is the new SimuCoin activity for Ebon Gate. Buy a key at the Simucoin shop and it can be used for 10 entries.

The Treasure Trove: confirmed to be here, beginning October 12th through October 31st. Trovar will be on duty reporting over the TownCrier channels live when at each Trove update. A Current Game Pass is required, even though they are called a raffle token, the raffle pass (service pass) does not work for the Treasure Trove raffles.

  • Wyrom’s introduction of Treasure Trove 2020, with 400 items waiting for your tokens
  • No current game pass required IF: you have played Trick Or Treat within the last 7 hours.
  • Where to find tokens: The tokens can be found digging and playing mini games. Also Trick or Treating.
  • Location: Jangling Junker, the shelter as you board the schooner
  • What is the current drawing? Look on the shelf for the current item.
  • What is the next item that will draw? Look on the tray for the 4 items that could be next. One will be randomly selected and moved to the shelf at the top of the hour.
  • How to Enter: Use your eel-etched raffle token to enter the drawing of your choice. You can use multiple tokens. Put Token In drawer
  • When it draws: Once an hour between noon and 2am (Eastern). LOOK DRAWER to see how many minutes to next one to confirm
  • All the details: There is no sign, but the HELP command is special in the Trove Room and has all the relevant info for you. Hopefully people will add their wins to the Treasure Trove page at the wiki, too.

The Arena of the Abyss is also a confirmed return and will open up Oct 12. Wyrom posted the details about it at the Officials.

Here’s the list GM Thandiwe posted of shops expected at the Festival with 21 brand new ones, 50 refreshed ones, and 31 returning stores.

Live Games are as follows for Prime:  (Only one 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place win in the Live Games per character. If you place in one game, you are ineligible to win another this year.)

  • 10/27/2020 – 7pm – Pick Your Poison
  • 10/27/2020 – 9pm – Costume Contest
  • 10/28/2020 – 9pm – Anemone Anagrams
  • 10/29/2020 – 8pm – Sing Me an Epitaph
  • 10/30/2020 – 9pm – Caligos Comestibles
  • 10/31/2020 -11am – Entrail Toss
  • Saturday, Oct 31 – 2pm: Spooky Storytelling Contest
  • 10/31/2020 – 2pm – Salvaged at Sea – has disappeared, it may have been cancelled without notice, or just forgotten from the schedule?

GHOUL (BINGO) will have 6 games in Prime this year. The 1 place/win rule does not apply to GHOUL.

  • WEDNESDAY 10/14 – 9:30pm (Prime)
  • SATURDAY 10/17 – 3pm (Prime)
  • MONDAY 10/19 – 8:30pm (Prime)
  • FRIDAY 10/23 – 11:59pm (Prime)
  • SUNDAY 10/25 – Noon (Prime)
  • SATURDAY 10/31 – 7pm (Prime)

Games Passes are 1,500 SimuCoins and last for 7 days

Shopping Passes are 1,000 SimuCoins

Service Pass for Raffles, Merchants are 3,000 SimuCoins

Updates and Changes during 2020

  • Necropolis: Boss Timer reduced to 30 minutes, booby traps (from SEARCH) reduced to 1%, per Wyrom.
  • Trick or Treating: Trove Tokens now dropping at Trick or Treating, along with Species items. Playing Trick or Treat will qualify you for 7 hours at the Treasure Trove, per Wyrom
  • Trick or Treating: many updates made. Switch to Zombies, spawn rate reduced to 25% for “tricks”, Knock Timer reduced to 30 seconds, Healing as you exit, and more, per Wyrom
  • Trick or Treating – Free resurrection from cleric who wanders the area, per Thandiwe
  • First Look at Jackpots in Digging and Mini-games, from Wyrom
  • Auto Flarer will now work with bows per GM Haliste
  • Approved for Permifier: Hair Apparent Colognes, Poiret’s ten cultural fragrances
  • Treasure Piles with lesser tier prizes of previous years can be searched with seashells: Common-5 seashells (room 26438), Uncommon-25 seashells (26589), and Rare-125 seashells (room 28547), and gems-10 seashells next to the Rare Treasure Pile


(Updated with latest information ~ 1:23pm Oct, 28 ~Newsby)



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