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Storyline Editor / Landing

Leafi reports on current events in and around Wehnimer’s Landing, where she can often be found dashing about day and night! She also hosts public Town Hall meetings in the Landing once or twice a month and helps with numerous TownCrier projects behind the scenes, including entirely too many proposals that create more work for Luxie. Does this lass’s troublemaking know no end?

May the faces of our friends be our cheer and warmth and light
May the smiles and the laughs we share last long into the night
May we cherish every day and the joys both great and small
May we never lose our way and walk with loved ones through it all ♪


Storyline Editor - Landing

Chocolate-Fueled Adventures, Misadventures, and Mischief

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Power Leveling, Mutant Builds, and Numerical OCD

Thoughts of Sleep, Surrender, or Slowing Down

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