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BUYER’S CHOICE We’re spotlighting the best of Ebon Gate 5119 shops in this list. These are the items and shops you nominated for the BUYER’S CHOICE 2019 Shopping Guide. Thank you for suggesting your favs!
ELANTHIAN SOUL A dingy white certificate from the Jangling Junker unlocks your Globus Elanthius runestaff from T2 to T3, which turns an otherwise ordinary flaring stick into something very special. Dayzed gave it a recommendation, “The price is very reasonable, so don’t hesitate to invest!” Jangling Junker 28557
SPEAK SOFTLY AND … The twisted faewood walking stick woven with vines at Savor Your Magic is what caught Juspera’s eye. She told us, “I love weapons/shields that don’t look like a typical item of that type; it helps enhance your roleplay.” This runestaff certainly fills that spot admirably, with a side of lightning! Savor Your Magic 26442
CALL ME, DEFFO Laelithonel gives big props to a scaled leather card case, along with the other selections, at Beck and Call for Crafters (cobbling, fletching, warrior sheath-making etc.), enchanters, chrism-makers, gem-cutters, artists, just everyone! Make use of these calling cards to advertise your trade, skills, and presence. Calling Cards were new last year and are still a hit this year. Watch for a merchant to customize yours! Beck and Call 27500
LEECH IT BE Naamit found the leeches at Bloodlet it go to be inspired. “Bloodletting is a fine and admirable hobby,” she explained. From other raves, she’s not alone! Bloodlet It Go 27495
UNCOMMON SCENTS GM Xayle dropped by to talk about the selection of perfumes in her shop, B.Witching. She was exuberant! “BUY THEM ALL – Because they’re AWESOME!” Really, who can argue with new scents? Explore what is for sale at the shop to find the ones that are the perfect matches for your every mood. Go ahead, permify them, too! B. Witching 26608
HAVE A SEAT Luxelle is telling everyone about the folding chairs at the shop, On The Throne, “Do you know how often a girl needs to sit down and there is no chair? From performing to games, from painting to visiting – any and all roleplaying!” Now you can always have your fav seating with you. On the Throne 28524
A KISS FROM A ROSE There is a thorned black rose from Grifty Shades of Fae that magically knows who’s stinky and targets them, giving them a cool refreshing squirt in the eye! “I love this thing!” Rainedrop exclaimed. Tell us your favorite find at: Grifty Shades of Fae 26481
COBBLING HEAVEN Glass Slipper is a favorite shop for Laelithonel. Everything in it that is produced for cobblers is amazing, with new and fun things to work with this year. “We all adore and NEED cobbling punches in our cobbling lives!” she remarked to us. Glass Slipper 26510
GIVE ME A SYMBOL Seriousy consider getting Voln Armor if you can. Nazarr sings its praises, “I’m a Voln Master and it does wonders for reactions when hunting; I love the verbs that come with it, too!” Sold in limited quantities at special events at The Favored Few. This is a once a year chance. Favored Few 27581
FEATURED ATTRACTION The amount of features for characters to switch up their look is outstanding from eye color, hair quirks, complexion (based on your race), and some many others. Definitely worth taking a look. Betterment Boutique 27480
I’M A BELIEVER Buy the hooded thick linen kimono draped in heavy embroidery at Of The Cloth, “and get all the unlocks!” Misun told us. This amazing script for those of faith has options based on location, demeanor, etc. It is kind to Aelotoi wings, too! Of the Cloth 28535
BUNDLE UP Look for a bloodstained leather survival kit at the Jangling Junker to auto-bundle your herbs. Skarrak said, “I hate bundling herbs constantly!” Here’s the solution for everyone! Jangling Junker 28557
THE RIGHT STUFF A slender drakar skinning knife from the Jangling Junker is the only knife you’ll need to skin everything and anything. Lanzerik advised, “Seriously, everything – except for whatever blunt you use to skin all the rock-like creatures.” Skinning bounties for everyone! Jangling Junker 28557
STOP AND CHAIR Laelicakes is buying a portable chair, too! “It’s genius,” she raved, “A folding chair that not only goes where you go but is customizable to your character’s needs. Great for RP, visiting homes, setting up an on the road shop, or to use at events. I love them!” Find the perfect chair for you at On The Throne. On the Throne 28524
SEASON’S PICKINGS Tatra was looking for a nice-looking and inexpensive lockpick to practice with and found a bright orange lockpick carved with grinning jack-o-lanterns at Master Key. She said it was perfect for the time of year, too! What do you want to nominate from the shops this year? Show Elanthia Off at: Master Key 27525
TO DIE FOR The amazing feature-changing makeup at Draped In Death gets a big BUY recommendation from Laelithonel. “It’s really well done makeup options and so much better than the original kinds available. There’s more customization options and a lot of fun,” she informed us. Draped in Death 28534
BECOME THE DRAGON When you add this year’s sweater and pants at the Dragon Wagon to last year’s hat and slippers, you’ve got most of a dragon suit ready-made! Alek added,”The sweaters and pants are pocketed! And if that weren’t enough already, you can wear the sweaters in addition to your armor.” Brilliant! Dragon Wagon 27535
BERRY PERFECT There’s crystal holding jewelry at Grifty Shades of Fae, “and we all know those are awesome,” Lanzerik raved about them. A woven vine ring is finger-worn and ranger-themed, which was exactly what he was looking for. Best yet, the crystal setting is berries! Grifty Shades of Fae 26481
OH SO QUIET You can put things into and take things out of the studded black suede belt pouch with a silver-edged flap at the Junker without anyone in the room seeing it. There’s a matching satchel and longcoat, too. Tatra suggested, “They’re all perfect for doing rogue gambit reps with less annoyance to your audience.” Discreet containers might cut down on lag, too, what do you think? Jangling Junker 28557
SHOE BOX HERO Don’t miss the round silver paper box at The Glass Slipper shop for both cobblers and shoe hoarders! Laelithonel confessed, “There’s something to be said for shoe boxes, right? They’re versatile. You can put other items in them, but the special zest for putting shoes in them makes cobbling a little more fun.” Pick your favorite and take them home today, they’re very affordable Glass Slipper 26510
FOLD ME Berost is very impressed with the folding chairs stocked at On The Throne. Everyone needs one strapped to their backpacks! On the Throne 28524
IN THE YEAR 5118 Many of the items featured on the MUST HAVE lists of Caligos Shoppers last year are still sold in the shops. Do not overlook some of these fab items this year, too – there’s over 20 on the shopping guide: 5118 Buyer’s Choice List
BEST OF YOU Many character-defining items can be found once a year at Ebon Gate. Do not overlook shops large and small for those special touches to your role-playing. Study the wiki, then go explore on Caligos Isle for more information about what you find. Maybe it is the tombstone jewelry. Maybe it is some (or all) of the creepy blood. Did you make a custom quill with nib yet? Maybe the pirate-wear or climate-wear makes you smile. There’s so much! All the things
DIP IT Avawren has all the BUY recommendations for Idip Udip Wedip. On her submission, she answered, “Once I started trying all the combinations of these new PULLable foods and their dipping sauce, I decided I was just going to move to Caligos permanently.” Her fav? The loaf of honey wheat bread and marble jar of cinnamon honey. What’s yours? Idip Udip Wedip 26454
SHAMAN STYLE Ulda’s Bone Shaman cloak is a favorite for Resonancer. He wrote, “It’s got great scripts!” He noted it’s a terrific candidate for a script swapping. Ulda gets high marks for customer experience, too! Do not overlook the complementing clothing pieces that go with it. Flesh and Bones 27530
POINTED RESPONSES The piercing jewelry at A Piercing Scream attracted Xanlin. “While not unique to Ebon Gate, piercing jewelry enables some interesting verbs for more versatility in roleplay.” Check out https://gswiki.play.net/Piercing#Piercing_jewelry_verbs A Piercing Scream 27506
PRESERVATION ON BELT There’s a number of styles of flasks of white flask soul preservation potions to fit anyone’s style at On Wing and Prayer – and they all fit on your belt. No more wondering WHICH flask has the white stuff in it for your dead buddy – who is about to decay in SECONDS. Pick the right one first, every time! On Wing and Prayer 28543
FANTABULOUS The sea thrak hide gloves studded with zorchar are among Gizwizit’s special UAC selections. Even without the full UAC script unlocked, you will have the flashiest, best unarmed combat moves on either side of the DragonSpine! 4x footwear and handwear, pick your flare, or none! Watch for his monthly merchant unlocking appearances to get them fully FANTABULOUS! Fantabulous 26496
SITTING PRETTY The chairs at On The Throne “are amazing, and just… how have we lived for so long without these!?” Being able to carry your own chair around, and sitting in your own unique style is just extraordinary! Did you get yours yet? On the Throne 28524


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