This page acts as an all-in-one resource that lists ongoing player surveys and other player feedback projects–whether run by the TownCrier or otherwise! We’ll keep this updated as the surveys pop up and as they conclude.


GS4 Ascension Ideas Sorted – Started by Darcena in March 2020 after the initial announcement of ascension (note: the release came later in September 2020), this document collects player ideas, suggestions, and proposals for ascension abilities. It’s hundreds of pages long and broken down into many different categories of professions, builds, and other gameplay elements, so be careful with editing!

Death System Ideas – Started by Darcena in July 2020 after Discord discussions, this document collects player suggestions to improve the death system–namely incentivizing activities like rescuing, resurrecting, and waiting for a rescue and resurrection (as opposed to departing and using salve).

Crowd-Sourced New Player Guides – Started by Darcena around August 2020, this document collects ideas on creating a more helpful guide for brand new players to get started with understanding GemStone IV.

That Sorcerer Doc – Started by Rolfard in September 2020 following the change to 711 (Pain), this document collects player opinions on the overall state of sorcerers, spells in Sorcerer Base, and ideas for future dev work. At the time of this writing, sorcerers are the next profession up for review.

Minor and Major Spiritual Doc – Started by Leafiara in January 2021 following SGM Estild saying that he’d like to review these spell circles while implying that he’d like ideas and suggestions. This document collects thoughts on the overall state of each spell circle and their individual spells.


Leafi reports on current events in and around Wehnimer’s Landing, where she can often be found dashing about day and night! She also hosts public Town Hall meetings in the Landing and helps with numerous TownCrier projects behind the scenes, including entirely too many proposals that create more work for Luxie. Does this lass’s troublemaking know no end?