Where to Find The TownCrier

Founded in 2016, The TownCrier is where you find all the GemStoneIV news where you want it and the way you want it. Headlines include events happening today, news from the Forums, upcoming events, storyline reports, tips, script repository spotlights, and more. Look for the TownCrier on the following services.

Send in news and events on our little form.

The complete newsfeed:

  • In GemStoneIV over LNet, rotating every 5 minutes: ;tune towncrier
  • In GemStoneIV via ESP, rotating every 5 minutes
  • At our web site, right here!

News Briefs:

  • Subscribe to the Daily Emails ~1pm Eastern with the day’s events and ONLY the headlines that are new that day.
  • The Official GS Discord includes a #newsby-towncrier channel that is an echo of our website feed. (Link provided at the beginning of this entry is the Discord invitation.)

Today’s Events Podcast – 30-90 seconds of audio only, available at:

  • Alexa, as part of your daily news/flash briefing. In your Alexa App, look under settings -> Flash Briefing -> add content -> look for Today in GemStone IV
  • Apple Podcast also serves up today’s events so you can listen to them during your commute. Search for GemStone IV TownCrier
  • Google Podcast¬†also has the GemStone IV TownCrier podcast. Use this direct link if you have trouble finding our little podcast among the millions of them:


And if you’re already a fan and wondering what you can do to help with this exciting collaboration of different moving parts, please contact Luxelle! There’s staff vacancies of large and small sizes waiting just for you!

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If you are interested read the details of how news items get used in each of these venues.