Duskruin By The Numbers from Wyrom

Shenanigans and Coverage Today at Duskruin

Mondo Shenanigans starts at 4pm today. 1st, a short auction, then Wyrom’s new live game show. TownCrier covers it live on both ESP and LNet TownCrier Channels. Bring all the bloodscrip! Here’s the viewing link to the tracking Google Sheet: https://bit.ly/3sBTbMh #GemStoneIV

Wednesday, Aug 30 2023 Duskruin ENDLESS Leaderboard Standings

Event Box #3 Expected Today for August 2023 Duskruin

The Duskruin EVENT BOX #3 starts today sometime. It costs 3 million silvers, and will be active until Sept 3. Inside: 13 entries to Duskruin, a yellow exp orb (1,000 flat exp, account attuned, 1 rub), and a blue exp orb (2x mod, account attuned, 2 rubs). #GemStoneIV