How TownCrier News Items Get Used, and Where

A news item that you submit to the TownCrier gets used in so many ways! They are edited to conform to the standards we have learned play best to GS players and the various venues that are utilized. They have keywords to help with searches at the web site, and a brief title that also appears at the web site. Please check with Rovvigen for specific submission guidelines and a tutorial for news items that work to their fullest for you and your group

Then they wait in a dated queue until the production start date.

Publication Deadline: We produce the news around 8pm (eastern) every night. If you can get us headlines within 8 hours or more of this deadline, they can usually appear in the next day’s newsfeed. Send in your news on our handy form.

Advance Headlines: You can submit events up to one month before an event, too. They sit in the queue until 6 days before the event. For extra special events that may need a SAVE THE DATE or another kind of Heads Up, please submit those as an advance headline. Talk to Mister Rovvi or Miss Luxie about it if you need something like that.

Daily Production Time Goals: (eastern time) – This is when the various venues for TownCrier news items become live. Nearly all of them are scheduled earlier at the deadline time.

  • Newsby: Just after Midnight for that day
  • Podcast of Today’s Events: After Midnight
  • Twitter: Starts around 11am to Noon
  • Email: 1pm (sometimes earlier if there are morning events)
  • Web Posts: After Midnight

The News Venues for Each Item:

  1. Miss Newsby sends the full-length news item for up to 6 days in the live rolling newsfeed over LNet and ESP. It will be presented once every 2 to 3 hours 24/7. This is also repeated on the LNet Discord Relay channel.
  2. A Twitter post is made on the first day it appears on the newsfeed. It remains a searchable part of Twitter.
  3. GS Discord gets a copy of your headline the first day it appears, the Twitter version. The channel is a Twitter echo.
  4. Daily emails are sent with the starting (new) headlines that day. We currently send that email out daily to over 200 players’ inboxes.
  5. The TownCrier Web site: it is entered as a small stand alone post here on the website the starting day when it is a new story and remains part of the search and with Google … forever. 
  6. Events only: are also featured on the day they happen in the Podcast of today’s events. The podcast is available over Alexa, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.
  7. Events only: appear on the new TownCrier Master Calendar, available to the public at the GSTownCrier web site. These appear from the day they are entered, and do not wait until the starting date.
  8. Events only: appear in the GS Discord when they are about to happen IF they are not already on the main GS Calendar. Twitter/Discord timing willing, they should be about 20 minutes before the start time.
  9. Events only: are featured in the lineup of today’s events in six places:
    1. Newsby’s TODAY headline, which should appear about once an hour in GemStone. The full headline info still appears in the newsfeed, too. It does not expire until the event is over.
    2. On the Web site in a post of what is happening TODAY
    3. At Twitter in a Tweet of what is happening TODAY
    4. At the GS Discord with what is happening TODAY
    5. At the top of the daily email, in the list of things going on today
    6. In the podcast of daily events.
  10. Tell us what we still need to cover to help get the Elanthian News and Events out there to all GemStone Players.