A Tale of Death

With as gloomy a foreshadowing as the title brings to mind, GM Thandiwe leaves us verses to set the stage for the Ebon Gate of 2020 on Caligos Isle.


See Puppy Run

GM Avaluka has the Ebon Gate Sneak Preview #1 … about Puppies in her “See Puppy Run” post at the officials, followed by “Run Puppy, Run!” in part two. They are mini story-scenes. What do you think the updates are?

Stunning Citadel Greaves from


Fancy That!

GM Sindin’s fancy Ebon Gate Sneak Preview is … two words. FancyGreaves. They make you look good … bring out your brave side … can change your mood. Read part 2 for a sneak peek.


Teasers For … Guess What!

GM Thandiwe is teasing us with Ebon Gate hints in a first post on the Officials, all she left there were links to two gifs. Now what in the world did she make!? What do you think? Read on in part two for the second hints:



GM Thandiwe postss that there’s going to be some oyster shucking in our future at Ebon Gate. And then shows off the jewelry the pearls go into!


Artsy Offering

GM Valyrka starts off her Ebon Gate Previews with a paint box! A very stylish and zesty one, with a portfolio, too in these Artsy Teasers.


Naturals With More Options

GM Thandiwe put some certificates to unlock weaving lathes with new features in the Ebon Gate shop, Weave and Wear. Coming in October on Caligos Isle!


Hair F/X

A Giantkin and a dwarf were attending to their last minute grooming … no, really, this is not a joke. It sounds like this Hairy Teaser tale hints at hair products for every male!


B. Witching

In an unexpected twist at the famed perfumer’s shop, B. Witching is going to be selling cigars!


Them Bones, Them Bones

Ulda, mistress of the Flesh and Bones shop, home of Bone Shaman clothing, has been busy getting new things ready for Ebon Gate, too. Read the Preview from GM Avaluka on the officials:


Old Crondi

If you can find her, Old Crondi will be back on Caligos Isle with a selection of very pricey … body parts.


Leeches – Gotta Collect ’em All

Nurse Deloras has been busy nurturing her special bloodletting leeches with loving care, preparing them for the opening of Bloodlet It Go on Caligos Isle. See the special new leeches in her jar for the preview:


Character-Defining Moments

GM Valyrka is planning a few delayed services for Ebon Gate. Watch those raffles and more for these unique opportunities! Custom signature verbs, swears, and spell preps have been mentioned so far.



Ambie stared at what was left of the fishies’ pond and then saved as many as she could. It will be the last year for fishies…



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