Foreshadowing Ebon Gate 2020

A series of verses by GameMaster Thandiwe

Beware the night without end-
Where darkness hides-
And death is your friend.

Honor Deaths infinities-
Where souls abide-
By the law of three divinities.

 Beware the scales that bind
Where serpents lied-
And warriors are maligned.

Honor Winter’s cold deity-
Where Lady guides-
You to incorporeity.

Beware the Feather’s light touch-
Where silence died-
Bound in Oblivion’s clutch.

Honor them, Deaths Trinity-
Where souls reside,
And don’t live for infinity.

As if sung by some unseen choir, the ages-old rhyme echoed in the air above three different temples in three different lands. Each not knowing the other, but feeling the same divine pull upon their souls, turned as one and cast their eyes to Caligos…

Destination 5120: Caligos Isle

Where waits for you, the Ebon Gate



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