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BUYER’S CHOICE We’re spotlighting the best of Ebon Gate 5120 shops with this list. These are the items and shops you nominated for this Shopping Guide. Thank you for suggesting your favs!
HANDS AND FEET Shisshio liked the +20 UAC items at A Wristed Development. “Some have flares, some are sanctified, and some common.” There’s a definite recommend from him for the complete options for all your unarmed combat needs. A Wristed Development 27508
CHEW ON THESE Tlaja loved the plush toys at the Head Shop and suggested, “They are fun for your werepuppy!” Puppies do need gifts, too! Head Shop 26541, go brown shack
CREATIVE ENCLOSURES The portfolios in the Art Connection shop are wonderful for anyone working on any number of creative, , scholarly, or collecting effort. They are not just for painters! Art Connection 26425
ROLL YER OWN Be sure to buy a silver-runed locket or other container at Bag of Trrix. Cylnthia told us, “Being able to put different magic items into one thing, and then rub it to cast them all at once… OMG, it’s like the orb/crystal/statue baldrics, but better!” Caveat, you need to get some unlocks before you can have more than one item-type at once. This is pretty amazing new technology! Bags of Trrix 26541, go harlequin wagon
SMOKED There were too many cigar choices to pick just one. At both B. Witching and the Rakish Raven. Find the one just right for you. B. Witching and
Rakish Raven
26608 / 26519, go linden wagon
SHAMANTASTICAL The scrimshaw-buttoned caribou hide parka is a Bone Shaman Cloak. These exquisitely scripted cloaks will set the mood for just the right character. This one and more at Flesh and Bones. Now with more than Cloaks! Flesh and Bones 27530
TINKERED DELIGHTS Use your Gnomish Repair Toolbelt to enhance your mechanical style. Rockwood noted, “It’ll interact with some of the other things sold with it at Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esq.” Style points! Chisel, Peen and Chamfer 26631
FAITHFUL CLOTH I could not decide between one of the beautiful cloth armor selections or the cloaks at Of the Cloth. So I got one of each. There are unlocks in the Junker, no lines, no waiting, no guessing! MUCH <3 Of the Cloth 28535
FANTABULOUS Nobody does it better for UAC, Weapons, or Armor than Gizwizit does at the Fantabulous Wagon. They’re worth getting each delicious unlock for all the moves. Fantabulous 26496
HAIR GLAM Luxelle was dazzled by a latticed cloth-of-vaalin caul woven with gilded threadwork at Flotsam Frills, “They are feature/hair worn and stunning!” Enjoy these flexible, simple, and statement-making finishing accessories Flotsam Frills 26535, go sailcloth canopy
SUPER POWERED The Super Secure Gem Pouches old at Faded and Desiccated are one of the best all around additions to your day to day gear. When unlocked, you can pick up ALL the gems on the ground in the area with one command: GATHER POUCH. Get one. Get it unlocked! These things are overpowered! Faded and Desiccated 26470
SWITCH THIS Switchblades for everyone are at Switch Hits. I like the beveled fel hilt. Push the hilt, CLICK, out comes the blade. Now, imagine them in a hidden sheath or discreet container Switch Hits 26437, go brown tent
DISCREET SURPRISES Siggurd says BUY: “I’m a big fan of items that cut down on spam shown to others,” he told us. The selection of worn items sold in the net at the Jangling Junker come unlocked. You pull small items from it and stow them without others seeing it. While generally good for pickpockets, it’s also delightful for performers, tricksters, and the most cautious of adventurers. Jangling Junker 26421
SCENTED PREP The on-demand feature alterations are great at Hair Apparent! Ahsanor added, “They add excellent verb options complete with the option to add your favorite scent to hair or a beard!” There’s pomades, oils, and waxes to choose from. Hair Apparent 26472, go oak building
BUNDLE ALL THE HERBS Absolute BUY, Iskandr ranks the bloodstained leather survival kit at the Jangling Junker. There isn’t much of a description on this when you inspect/analyze it, but it bundles like herbs automatically for you. He raves, “In the times of autobundle scripts, you THINK you don’t want this until you use it and realize it’s pretty handy when you loot herbs off monsters to just bundle them away instantly with their herb buddies.” You’ll find it in the tangled net on the Junker’s bow. Worth every seashell. Jangling Junker 26421
STYLISH DUDS The whole clothing line at Rakish Raven is awesome, but one particular wizard loved a thin-chained navy wool waistcoat. “It’s a great option for men looking something more tailored to them, great for women who like to wear what they like, and great for everyone else in between.” This brand new shop is making a hit. Rakish Raven 26519, go linden wagon
COBBLING DREAM The Glass Slipper keeps bringing on the hits year after year. One shopper told us, “I chose the white gold unicorns, but really, let’s face it, everything in Glass Slipper is golden for cobblers.” And everyother color you might need this year. Glass Slipper 26510
HAIR TOPPERS The pair of soft yellow yarn puffs at Buried Tressures are adorable. A lady fan added, “Literally the first thing I bought when I got there.” Which one did you buy? Buried Tressures 26455, go submerged lean-to
PRETTY BEAUTIFUL Draped in Death is not all about death. They’re still easily, hands down, the best thing to happen to cosmetics in Elanthia. That said, I suppose you can go out towards the Ebon Gates looking your best this way, too! A customer heartily recommends th gilt-dipped milky brown glass vial from the shop. Draped in Death 28534
BOUGHT IT ALL Leaving Weave and Wear with a full bag of tools and supplies, one happy buyer explained, “Picking one item made for weaving in this shop is ridiculous, it’s all great.” Name withheld so you will be surprised when you get something as a gift! Weave and Wear 27366
HELLO CHAIR Inurtia asks, “Are you tired of mud on your rump? Hard pass for me!” No one likes to sit on the ground and let’s face it, they’re never going to put couches in TSC, so bring your own comfy, padded chair from On The Throne. Pick your style. On the Throne 28524

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