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The Buyer’s Choice Shopping Guide:

Duskruin Arena at wiki: watch there for shop links, HESS info, Treasure Trove info, and more as the event continues.

Dates Announced: August 14-Aug 30, 2020

The first Duskruin Arena email arrived with a hint about something new with the sewer rats.

August 2020 Duskruin News and New Items:

End of Duskruin Schedule:

DUSKRUIN: Arena Lord Wyrom announced dates and things to remember for the end of this Duskruin.

  • Sunday Aug 30, 11pm: the last Trove drawing;
  • Sunday, 11:55pm: Simucoin Shop stops selling booklets.
  • Tuesday, Sept 1, 9pm: Wyromania Auction
  • Late Tuesday: HESS Restocking for returns
  • Wednesdsay, Sept 2, 7:30pm: Lesser Mania, the Wyrom Free-For-All event
  • Wednesday, Sept 2, 11:59pm,: Bloodriven village shops and the Arena, Heist, Sewers,, Smithy, and HESS will close down. It’s over for 2020, folks!

First post at:  https://bit.ly/2G4Rv5H

Mania (Auction and Lesser) Nights listed at: https://bit.ly/2ECNdC2

HESS Closing at end, Wednesday, 11:59, Wyrom posted.

New Shops at Bloodriven Village:

  • At the Hand
  • Curved Cuts
  • Essencetials
  • First Rule at Sprite Club
  • Librarium, Annex
  • Stay Vigilant
  • Mystic Phrase
  • Untamed Spirit

We’ll keep this list up to date with the info and links for you.



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