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LIKE A HERO Goat is buying a heroic knight clasp! He reports, “1x/day heroism – I never thought I’d see the day these were sold in unlimited quantities. Especially for 20000 bloodscrip!” How many are you buying at Spellbound? Spellbound 26878
SHIMMER INTO SOMETHING QUICK Shimmer trinkets are A-mazing! They are great for people who like to wear a TON of things, but don’t like to be seen as ‘busy’ when people look at them. Buy them at Spellbound; there are also self-serve certificates to charge or add additional slots. Spellbound 26878
EXPRESS YOURSELF FancyBooks can up your roleplay, if you’re the book-type. With ‘scholarly’, ‘spiritual’, and ‘sinister’ messaging, you could have a whole host of different types of roleplay, with multiple types for each! Librarium 28328
MIRROR, MIRROR … An anonymous shopper found the Hidden Mirrors at the smoke screen, and exclaimed, “These are awesome because they are literally worn mirrors, so you don’t have to go digging into a container to get them out.” Smoke Screen 25189
GEAR INVESTMENT Claire found the Dark and Dangerous 5x SWCP and SWCW gear for 2500 bloodscrip a great bargain value. “Stock up the more common ASGs for alts or for resale, it’s the last time it’s going to be around. A fine place to start a long-term improvement project via enchanting, ensorcelling or WPS.” I’d call that a solid BUY recommendation! Dark and Dangerous 26856
6X IS THE NEW 4X You will discover a diverse selection of culturally specific weapons at Cultural Cuts. More than half of them are already +30, the rest are +25 or above. Embrace the noun choices! Cultural Cuts 26863, grey tent
24k MAGIC Coldd was happy at what he found in Spellbound, “I’ve been wanting to enchant my gear to 10x for years. It was pretty rare to get your hands on an 8x+ potion for a long time, I’m so glad they are offered this run.” Critters of Elanthia, you are fore-warned! Spellbound 26878
THAT’S THE DUSKRUIN SPIRIT Goat’s books are Neopuron’s fav, “Because it means I can do a ton more runs in hopes of finding something I will never find!” But at least he’s got bloodscrip to go shopping, right?
BOOKS WITH ATTITUDE In an event mostly about mechanical items, Leafiara finds FancyBooks are a gem of an exception–an affordable and extensively flexible RP prop, now with a new T4! Don’t miss out on any chapters that catch your eye, since you never know if they’ll be gone for good. All at the Librarium. Librarium 28328
HEROIC STRENGTH Spellbound has long-awaited x/day items for Heroism (215) and Phoen’s Strength (606) at very affordable prices, so get your AS up and encumbrance down! (…and Estilld’s confirmed that Heroism, at the very least, won’t be back next run. Buy it while you have a chance.) Spellbound 26878
PROPS TO ILLUSIONS The Illusion Props at Be Warez are available in a wide variety of styles for various adventurers. “They are no longer the domain of elemental effects only, there may be something utterly perfect in this quirky selection,” our Secret Shopper advises. Be Warez 28327
ON YOUR MARK Leafiara is raving about the new gravers, burins, and brushes at Make Your Mark! “They are a great new tool for marking up your small statues and other magic items to brand them in your playershop or simply keep track of which ones are charged or greened!” And there IS a green paintbrush for sale. Make Your Mark 26876, stone tower
QUIVER ME THIS A Compartmentalized Quiver is the answer to every bow user’s frustrations with arrow management. A Secret Shopper told me, “These fantastic quivers continue to be a hit, don’t forget them because they aren’t brand new anymore!” Take your pick of 20 styles for your ammunition needs. Bundle Up 27646
DOUBLE YOUR FUN Retser’s new Twin Weapons have been a huge hit even among players who often toy with some of the highest-end weapons in the game. Leafiara liked them, “If you love screen scroll (and what Two-Weapon-Combat-playing player doesn’t?), check these out for extra swings, extra flares, stronger flares, and more.” You’ll find them all at On The Other Hand in the only airship allowed to land at Bloodriven Village. On the Other Hand 26863, airship
OH, THE CONSUMABLES Reminder from a Passerby: “Don’t forget to pick up things you will use up between now and next August.” Wig powder, Food for your Cacographic Quill, Fletching paint & goods, bolts, tobacco, cigars, bane oils, spell crystals, runestones, cobbling parts, tea flavorings, disguise elixers, ensorcelling and enchanting potions, and cartridges! The Shops At Bloodriven Village
CHEAPER THAN THE SMITHY The Secret Shopper notes that the padding (or weighting, in the weapons) on the gear at Dark And Dangerous will cost you more to get at the Smithy. This is a terrific price for off the shelf. Dark and Dangerous 26856
ALL BOTTLED UP Our Secret Shopper notes, “There are lovely Gem and Alchemy jars at Spellbound for 50 or 100 items!” Thumbs Up! Spellbound 26878
NO CORONAVIRUS Brulgamin found the Plague Coats at Sable Quietus a great accessory to round out the set, “There are fantastic verbs and it gives a very Victorian feel to your character.” Or, you know, a very Black Plague ambiance! Sable Quietus 28325
GAMING CENTRAL There are all sorts of ways you can entertain your friends and family at Gamac’s Goods. Cards, wheels, darts, gaming kits, even a coin to flip! From a Secret Shopper. Gamac’s Goods 26845
TWICE AS MUCH MAYHEM Maodan is all in for Jorshan’s Twin Weapons, adding, “Powerful OTS, fun; good project!” get yours at On the Other Hand, in the airship, of course! On the Other Hand 26863, airship
SICK MAGIC Resonancer recommends the Sickly Green Sigil at Spellbound that holds a 3x/day Pestilance. You’ll get reactive defensive magic from this versatile Sorcerer’s circle spell. Spellbound 26878
CHARGE IT! The old enhancive max paper in the High End Scrip Shop is a terrific buy. It adds 50 charges to the max that your favorite enhancive will hold – and charges those 50 new charges up in it too! HESS 26907
DON’T RESIST Ode to Resistance is famous for 20% resistances on +20 armor of your choice. There’s also one crate with +10 amor and three 10% resistance to: puncture, slash, and crush. Ode to Resistance 23815
NECESSITIES Under the Counter’s popularity might begin with the liquors stored under the counter. 9 very popular spells were brewed into some of your favorite drinks. In the back room Invisibility imbeds, under-the-tongue jewelry, and a couple mannequins (decked out looking like they are ready for the arena) survey it all. Under The Counter 23810
LAST CHANCE Dark and Dangerous has been a favorite armoring house since the closet was full of drama armor. While the UAC and Armor was cut to 5 CER, Somewhat, crit weighting or padding, it’s still the best way to get a start on your next armor project. This shop closing is going to be a hard loss. Dark and Dangerous 26856
GOING SOLAR / NEBULAR The big surprise in the late list of shop closings was that Penitent Petitioner, the only source of Nebular and Solar weapons, was going to be closing for good. Get it while you can! Penitent Petitioner 26894


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel on Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.