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ADD ONE Nominate your fav Duskruin Shopping find for the updated editions of the Buyer’s Choice on the little form: https://bit.ly/3h0gN2j
BOOM! Pylons, everyone needs one for hands-free maneuver-based rechargeable laser action! Obelin is all in for them, pick yours up at the Essencetials Shop (Room 26863, go dark pavilion). Essencetials Hand-Held Pylons
ALL THE ENCHANTS Eklectic is stocking up on the dilute golden ayan’eth potion at Spellbound (Room 26878) for the last +46 to +50 enchanting steps. “There’s nothing but a rare chance of getting one anywhere else.” Keep one handy for your favorite enchanter, too! Spellbound
KAPOW! Look for the mocha suede gloves/boots UAC se at Bare Aggression. They are +30, with unbalance/plasma flares. Sisstar adds, “Plus fun scripts!” Great UAC options off the shelf is one of the Duskruin features. Bare Aggression Bare UAC Scripts
ANIMAL SPIRITS Elgrim is another very pleased owner of Animalistic gear from Untamed Spirit (Room #26874, go stone hut). Why? “Because the flare script is amazing and the fluff scripts are some of the best ever!” Which animal did you choose? Untamed Spirit Animalistic Spirit Gear
DOUBLE TROUBLE Retser’s updated his Twin Weapon script to come in hand crossbow form from On the Other Hand (Room 26863, go sunken airship). “Two Weapon Combat ranged is almost surely a post-cap build,” Leafiara admits, “But if you’re doing it, don’t pass up on a great opportunity! Goes great with the phantom Multi-Opponent Combat ranks for rangers and rogues introduced earlier this year.” Who’s in? On the Other Hand Jorshan’s Twin Weapons Script
RUNESTAFF STYLING Entwil raves over the MagicSlings at The Art of Lore (Room 23740), “This was hands down my favorite item from Duskruin. I was amazed that the messaging actually worked with the messaging my staff already has and combined to be so fancy and impressive! I absolutely love this sling and would recommend to all the casters out there!” Now with more off-the-shelf certificates! Art of Lore MagicSlings
THE POWER OF MAGIC The Sigil Staff, sold at The Sigil Shop (Room 26878), is one mean runestaff. Don’t be fooled by its name, it’s a lot more than your fav scrolls on a stick. It’s a dispel-flaring, mana-saving staff of power. “Really fun for casters,” is what the submitter exclaimed, which was signed, TotallyNotEstild. Read all about it at the wiki and wonder why you haven’t bought one yet: Sigil Shop Sigil Staff
A BOOK FOR ALL SEASONS FancyBooks at the Librarium (Room 28328) are great for your RP while also being quite an affordable price in bloodscrip. Pick up one of the new chapters and customize your book with just the right flavor for your character. Marvel at the choices! The Librarium No wiki page
FLARING DOOM The a multi-colored greater element envelope at the HESS (Room 26907) puts Greater Flares on your choice of eligible weapon. Though they’ve been around a while, greater elemental flares remain an incredibly solid choice that’s high end without getting into six-digit or even high five-digit bloodscrip prices. Leafiara told us, “I love them on professions who attack at faster rates, like Rapid Fire wizards, berserking warriors, and monks!” HESS
ANIMATE READY Obelin has his eyes on the super-cool looking weapons for Animates from the At The Ready shop (Room 26836). He reported, “You can’t lose them!” Which one will you buy? At the Ready No Wiki Page
CANINE GLORY Leifa gives a hearty BUY recommendation: “The animalistic spirit items from Untamed Spirit (Room #26874, go stone hut) were enough to drag this wood elf into the arenas! I am so excited to have a canine flare to my hunting and an option to bond with my spirit animal through weapon taming.” This shop is surely one of the favorites this time around. Untamed Spirit Animalistic Spirit Gear
SPRITETASTIC Teamwork makes the dream work at the The Sprite Shop (Room 26850, go oblong temple)! Did you see how the new Sprite Armor works with Sprite Weapons? Telagan says, “The sprite is one of those character defining/enhancing RP props and has lots of RP potential alongside the combat aspect of it all.” Make a bestie of a sprite today! Sprite Club Sprite Weapons
ZAP! The hand-held pylons at Essencetials (Room 26863, go dark pavilion) are a fun new weapon item that can dish out a surprising amount of pain! What are you waiting for? Essencetials Hand-Held Pylons
ANIMAL SURPRISE Leafiara declared, “Avaluka’s Animalistic Spirit script is this Duskruin’s best new gear!” Flavorful and intensely customizable for both alters and your mechanical upgrade path, but great even off the shelf. Watch out, Retser-, Avaluka’s on your tail now for making awesome midrange gear that leaves room to grow into the higher end over time! Pick yours out until August 30 at Untamed Spirit (Room #26874, go stone hut). Untamed Spirit Animalistic Spirit Gear
RESIST THE FOES Vasstryke found a buffed vultite breastplate lined with plum-hued wool, resistance armor, at Ode to Resistance (Room #23815), telling us, “This will be good for pesky archers in warcamps.” All things resistance can be found in there, not just armor. Ode to Resistance Resistance
GUARDIAN ANIMAL The animal spirit gear has Maodan’s attention with “Amazingly customized upgrades that are easy to pick up off the shelf, and allow you to prioritize your features instead of the traditional linear upgrade paths.” Plus … animal spirits! Take yours home today from the Untamed Spirit shop (Room #26874, go stone hut). Untamed Spirit Animalistic Spirit Gear
FLARING TERRORS Umbrello thinks the new terror flares weapons from At The Ready (Room 26836) are fun and at a resonable price. At the Ready No wiki page
MATERIAL SWITCH Lesser transmutation (a lesser transmutation message) from the HESS (Room 26907), is one of this DR’s most pleasant new surprises. Perfectionists sometimes love a piece of gear in every way except its material, and here’s their chance to fix that! Goodbye vultite, hello golvern or rolaren! (If it was sanctified vultite, you can even make it eonake!) HESS
DEATH FROM A WAVE The At The Ready shop (Room 26836) is making a big splash with sorcerors with amazing looking weapons for their animates. On shopper was overhead remarking, “This is a much needed item to help that spell…” Analyze them to see your weapon options. At the Ready No wiki page
SPRITE THE PAIR One of the new sprite armor owners at The Sprite Club (Room 26850, go oblong temple) was in such a hurry to go try it out, they forgot to leave their name, but exclaimed, “The only thing better than a sprite weapon is a sprite weapon + armor!” Pick your fav armor up while it’s open. Sprite Club Sprite Weapons
LORETASTIC F/X Magic Slings are some of the coolest yet least expensive fluff at DR, and now even have automated T2 and T3 certificates available for just 500 bloodscrip each to upgrade older ones you might have! Pick one up today at The Art of Lore (Room 23740) to react with your favorite flavor of elemental, spiritual, or mental lore. Art of Lore MagicSlings
BAM! All new this Duskruin, “Kenstrom’s new hand pylons are basically everything I ever wanted from a non-weapon weapon,” Leafiara explains, “Ammo for a negligible cost at your local alchemist shop table, no RT, a great mix of damage and lethality, and up to 30 shots per hour (one per 2 minutes).” As if that’s not enough, they’re wearable on the arm at T4 and have amazing verbs! Those KST baddies better watch out… RIGHT? Now for sale at Essencetials (Room 26863, go dark pavilion). Essencetials Hand-Held Pylons


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