Presenting your favorite finds at the Shops of Bloodriven Village! February 16-25, 2018

ILLUSIONS FOR FUN Lynaera loves the illusion pins at Spellbound. Every one of them! “They’re fun RP fluff!” Spellbound
LIVING QUILLS For only 500 bloodscrip you can get your ranger, sylvan, or other character a living plant-like quill to write on all their parchments. On sale now at Cacographic Critters. Cacographic Critters
PERFECT HAIR The prettiest wigs EVER are in a new shop at Bloodriven village. Located in the The Best Tressed salon at the east end of Bailey Park (Street? Avenue?). This well-kept secret will replace your own hair and nobody will know it isn’t your own, they’re that well made! The Best Tressed
SPELL PREPS One of several lovely new spell preps this Duskruin at Spellbound, the Locate Person prep shows off your eye color right before you get that faroff look… “It’s great for helping people visualize your character,” Leafiara said. Spellbound
WRITE THAT NOVEL Duskruin is pretty much the only time you can buy a book to write in. The build-your-own writeable books at the Written Word let you choose your cover and the pages you want. Read the signs on the counter, and talk to the clerk when you have your choices ready. Written Word
NERVE STAFF LAST CHANCE Oubar says, “Arguably the best ‘off the shelf’ runestaves in the game are the nerve staff offerings at the Old Farmhouse. But they’re going away after this run.” Get yours while you can! Old Farmhouse
SAFETY IN CHAIN The fitted golvern chain corslet with sapphire-tipped tassets might be a niche armor type, but for anyone interested in torso-only chain mail, this beautiful piece of armor is plasma flaring, golvern, and 6x! Leafiara adds, “Don’t take it to the Bowels, but otherwise what’s not to love?” Get yours at A Flash of Strength. A Flash of Strength
STORM GREY AND STYLISH Rohese points out a storm grey wool frock coat that is “not only stylish but holds an exceptional amount” for only 500 bloodscrip at Gamac’s Goods. Gamac’s Goods
LOOK THE ROLE Let a shimmer trinket hide what you are really wearing, while letting you appear dressed to perfection! They’re rechargeable by a monk for 30 days. What’s not to love? Get one for every day of the week and run around in your gear. They are for sale at Spellbound. Spellbound
BARD SPELL PREPS There’s new bardish spell preps at Spellbound for: lockpick enhancement, holding song, and song of mirrors! Spellbound
GOT NERVESTAFF? Maros recommends the 6x/6x nerve staff in the Old Farmhouse, calling it, “One of the best weapons for bolt casters!” This is the LAST CALL for some time for them, remember. Old Farmhouse
DISGUISE YOURSELF Sweetsin’s Bloodriven Village pick is for the disguise Elixirs at The Messy Alchemist. “They are a unique item that wasn’t too expensive for some great roleplay potential.” Stock up! The Messy Alchemist
DRESS TO IMPRESS Vadonn is trying out the shimmer trinket at Spellbound to see what this brand new item can do for him. How are you going to use yours? Spellbound


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel on Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.