NAILED IT Luxelle found a treasure trove of nail files at Rank and File. “Oh. My. Gosh,” she squealed. “The nail files are awesome! I bought one for every mood!” Rank And file 27362
INK PERFUME Ink Perfurme can be purchased at Now Is The Write Time. Each of them can be used both to scent stationery and yourself. Some of the scents are quite lovely. While only ten uses, they’re also very cheaply priced, the contributor notes. Now is The Write Time 19780
ONE TRINKET TO RULE THEM ALL Avawren found the morphing trinkets in Tapped Out to be irresistible! Each vaalin trinket transforms into several different styles of jewelry, doing so in a very flashy manner. Each piece is beautiful if you look at it closely, and will also hold a gem. Look for shops at the festival that have an array of rare and unusual gemstones to choose from. Tapped Out 23705
FEELING FIDGETY? The Fretting Frond has fidgeting jewelry with four great zests, both for looking smug and for someone who fidgets a lot. Fretting Frond 23883
CAMEO APPEARANCE There are beautiful cameos with an amazing swish of magical animation when you tap them at About Face. You’ll need to see a merchant to add your own custom animated effect, but I believe most GALD merchants can do it. Don’t forget a holder so you can wear it as an earring, necklace, bracelet, choker, pendant, brooch, etc. Remember they do not animate without the special jewelry holders! About Face 24829
IN STYLE Miste found a wrist-buckled black leather coat split down each side and noted, “I love the description – it’s stylish, elegant, and sleek, without being ostentatious or flashy.” It’s also ClimateWear and it’s for sale at Gears of Wear! Gears of Wear 23577
BACK ROOM STOCKING Did you know Tea-Lightful has a back room with mannequins? And did you know that behind those mannequins is a hidden stash of stockings? Now you do because Mayor Lylia shared this gem of a find with us! Tea-Lightful 23884
WEATHER AWARE Paces suggests a trip to Gears of Wear for some distressed slate leather robes frayed along the edges! Like the coats and jackets sold there, it’s priced quite well for VLA-pocketed ClimateWear. Gears of Wear 23577
TOME ALONE Scroll Cases and all sorts of scrolls are available at Tome Alone, room 21873. When you pull a magic scroll out you unroll and study it. There are different styles to choose from, and you can keep all your scrolls in one place, safe from the elements! Tome Alone 21873
WEAVING WAYS You’ll find a small mithril-tipped lathe with an ironwood handle for weaving. Weaving tools are hard to come by; get yours at Weave and Wear, room 27366, while they are for sale! Weave and Wear 27366
EARN YOUR WINGS The line of Zodi SpriteCloaks (with wings) is back at In Sprite Of It All, in room 23842, with a broad selection of styles for him or her. For work or dress. They’re in the trunk. Don’t overlook the non-container items on top of the trunk, too. “Wings!” a happy customer was heard to exclaim. In Sprite of It All 23842


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel on Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.