Part 1 looked at players’ individual favorite GemStone updates in 2020, but this part contains selected quotes from survey participants who had something to say about the past year of dev and gave us permission to include their comments here. Let’s have a look–these are both good and bad comments!

For the majority, positive and excellent! The biggest disappointment would be commageddon for me and best update would be the resources verb and archery update even though I don’t have an archer.
I’m very happy to see such active development. We can debate for days whether a change is good or bad, but there should be no debate that it happening at all is a wonderful thing.
A nice evolution for GSIV and outstanding work by all those involved.
I think my ranger’s torso and abdomen are going to get hacked up waaay more in 2021 based on the results I’ve already seen due to the changes in the combat system over to SMRv2. Ouch! Bandit shield bashes never used to hurt this much!
For the most [part] great ideas, wish there was something like the feeders for younger groups, maybe make them lvl based. I love the idea that they get yanked from AFK players to make it more fair for those that aren’t.
A lot more QoL this year than I realized!
2020 has been aMAZing for GS, so many improvements, on so many systems, with so many wonderful GM’s/GH’s/Mentors working in the foreground and background!
Looking good, so far. Now we need to update the servers for more load, and advertise the game more.
Huge amount of changes, mostly positive. Lots to keep up with. Really enjoyed the spring buffs and boxes. Would like continued incentives and daily activities. 520 flag off option <3 makes my list.
Let the good times Roll! Many good changes in 2020.
They are awesome. Thank you Dev team. Only thing better would have been to add Savants.
Looking back, it’s an incredible cache of updates and development. 2020 was a landmark year for GS.
Literally hundreds of positive updates coming our way in an endless parade. Obviously it wasn’t a perfect year in GS for me, nor will it ever be. I still can’t understand why 711 was changed in preparation for content that might be months or even years away, and the change to plasma crits is unfortunate. However, those are only two negatives and I can honestly say that, in 2020, almost every facet of the game has gotten better for almost everyone. […] Amazing work, GMs!
Staff did an outstanding job this year, improving overall quality of game experience, listening to player needs, working to improve communication, and providing a richer game environment.
I’m blown away by all the new things, fixed things, quality of life updates, and amazeballs improvements to GS this year. JUST ONE of the 15 things I checked, would have made it a banner year for me. Thank you, GS Staff.
I don’t like any of the above as much as I hate the 711 nerfs.
Freaking Phenomenal! Way to go staff, you have done an amazing job on game improvements in 2020. Thank you!
I love the locksmith pool. That is a lifesaver for any young guilded rogue. That, to me, was the best change this past year, because it benefited both locksmiths and their clients. The RESOURCE verb, too, is fantastic for my Volners (who want to know exactly how much favor they have) and for my wizard (who wants to know how much essence she has for enchanting). The only changes I really disliked last year were the changes to Meeting Hall Organizations–especially the elimination of Tiers (Distinguished MHOs worked hard to get that appellation) , the reduction of the need for MHO events (…why?), the elimination of rooms and buildings in the future, and the cuts to MHO closets.
It was a helluva year! Naijin, in particular, deserves a ton of credit for his contributions.
I think many of them [the changes] were not needed. I hate that Wizards were not given a choice as to how they wanted to proceed with their enchanting of objects, the old system or the new. Forcing Wizards to have to hunt in order to enchant is taking their choice, their freedom of how they want to exist in the Lands, away. Some of the archery overhaul is ok, but the manner in which arrows are produced now negated all the work it took to master fletching. I like the low cost of the arrowheads and that should have been set into motion a long time ago but now it seems ye don’t have to master Fletching to produce quality arrows, which is bogus in my opinion. Another thing I don’t like is the push toward items costing in the millions of coins. Many folks do not have millions of coins, and I am happy to see merchants who acknowledge that by asking prices much less than a million, or 10mil! Just because i am negative on these items does not mean I don’t enjoy time spend in the Lands. I love all the friends I have and all the good times we spend hunting and just being together and helping others.
Amazing quality of life updates for the playerbase at large. Resource, ESP, and Mana Formula changes were my favorite as they have the largest benefit to the newer playerbase.
In my opinion, the one thing that stands as a dark haze over all the good done this year (and there was much more good done this year than I’ve seen in a long time), are the MHO reforms that downgrade things for existing MHOs. Make new rules for the future. But don’t tear down the work done in the past. And 2021… or 5121… will not have this billowing shadowy cloud upon it, for so many players. That said, thank you for all the great updates that did happen this year.
Fantastic year for the game, it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen the community. I also don’t think the loot cap is as bad as everyone is making it out to be. In my experience MMOs die when the player economy dies, a cap helps to mitigate inflation which is something I’ve seen kill off many MMOs, the fact that Gemstone’s player economy has lasted 20+ years is quite frankly nothing short of amazing.” -Starfrost/Starsiren/Sorcia

[Editor’s note: believe it or not, the loot cap was tied with the Duskruin arena updates (no timer, no hazards, group arena bonus) for 22nd place and received 28 votes, just narrowly missing inclusion in part 1 of this report!]

It’s tough to say being my first year back, but the GMs and development teams look to be pushing forward to a more active approach which I feel can only help the community more. The fact that the development are using everyone as sounding boards for different abilities is also good because they get feedback from all the different player POVs.
Coming back after my duties and seeing GSIV still alive and kicking was amazing. The players and GMs are all great and love it. I like everything about the lands.
It feels like a curse has been lifted from the game, with so much positive dev work happening this past year. Hopefully this is a trend that continues into 2021 and beyond.
There were a lot of “quality of life” changes in 2020 – little things like a comma in the big numbers, and big things like increased mana at low levels so a Pure can be a Pure and the reduced roundtimes for tasks that were previously a huge slog. (My favorite is Physical Fitness training to help reduce encumbrance!) It helps make GS enjoyable to play for more than just my roleplaying fix.
Really impressed with the amount- and quality- of the dev work going on these days! Things have been getting better and better, but honestly 2020 was an amazing year for Gemstone development. Thank you!
So many, so fast, so much to learn and relearn!
Having returned since 2013 I like these quality of life changes. I think if a new updated FE is released, and targeted ads, GS could grow again to high numbers.
There has been a great deal of positive mechanical changes this year, especially with the new options opened up to higher level players. I hope to see some future changes catered to new players as well (especially to help the F2P model).
I didn’t see any updates for Empaths why is this? Overall the changes seem to be nice, though I don’t really play most of the other guilds. I would like to see the Thrakmas tree, I didn’t see it this year or I missed it. I would love to see better treasure drops, not just during Special Events or storylines. I LOVE the new sailing feature and hope to see some rare treasure drops in that area as well. So yes, overall things seem to be nicely done.
The updates keep you both on your toes and enamored with Elanthia.
Good, but wished ALL announcements showed in the window, i.e. when merchants announce they are in a certain area during festivals/events.
Loot cap = best change of the year. Death to bots!
It would be better if more Pukk-related stuff happened…but it’s okay. Do better next year.
Pretty good.
Here comes GSV!
I guess when you put it that way, there were a few changes that happened this year.


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