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03-0210:00 PM[PREMIUM] The merchant Ravias Crotar will be raffling off a symbol of Ronan.1,000 silversLocated On: raffle table, Room Name: [FWI, Gardenia Commons]3668Eruheran
03-315:30 PM[PREMIUM] Xerria will be holding a short duration raffle for four slots at one of her Really Rare Raffles. Choices will be listed on a sign at the event. Tickets will cost 1,000 silvers. Winners must be there to redeem the win and they must have the item already on their person, NO PASSING.1,000 silversLocated On: raffle table, Room Name: [FWI, Firefly Villa, Merchant Lounge]16338Rasson, Fyrentennimar, Imshonn, Isela
Rovvigen Aniket

Rovvigen Aniket

Rovvigen is the reporter on-the-spot for a number of events and activities. He keeps track of all the raffles for you, too! He is a wizard and diviner, an officer at Silvergate Inn and part of the Sphere and Scythe. Quote: "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it."