CONTEST: Duskruin Ranger Endless Competition: Thorn-derdome 5122: August 13, at 9pm. Rangers of all levels are equalized to see who can get the furthest in endless in two runs. 1 million silvers entry, winner takes the pot and glory. Contact Leff for more details or to signup (Discord: Leff#6790). Read more here:

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Duskruin Endless Ranger Competition 13 August 2022
on 8 August 2022 3:18 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
in #rangers

Alright, how does this look?

Ranger Endless Competition: August 13, 9pm Elven (assuming no conflict with other DR activities).
1. This is all on your honor. You must be a ranger.
2. Entry fee is 1m silvers.
3. You may only wear/bring 0x armor, shield, runestave, weapons into the arena. You may bring multiple bases, if you want, but it all must be 0x. You may bring a maximum of 3 weapons into the arena, so choose wisely.
4. You must participate in Endless mode; characters must bring their own books/entry.
5. You may enter the arena with any spell you can cast — you may not enter the arena with any spell you cannot cast.
6. You may not use items that confer any mechanical benefit to your character (blue crystals, white crystals, small statutes, mechanical quivers, db pins, item enhancives, sk items). Also, no Herbs. Per Dendum, this isn’t a salad eating contest. Tattoos are okay, because they are part of you, and I’m not going to ask anyone to cut them off. Also, encumbrance potions are okay — just use them before entering the arena, please.
7. You may use any ascension abilities or any trained skills/spells/cmans. Society abilities are all permitted.
8. Characters will have two chances to get as far as they can go. Order will be randomized, and then order will go in reverse.
9. If your character is not competing, your character should watch and cheer/heckle other competitors. Competitors will sit together in the stands.
10. Companions are permitted, and strongly encouraged.
11. You may pick up and use any item recovered inside the arena.
12. Furthest Endless run wins the pot and glory.
13. No 603 rods — even if you made them yourself. No ranger trinkets — even if you made them yourself.
14. Recommendation to locker your stuff in advance.
15. Message me with what weapons, armor, you would like — I’m going to try and put together competitor backpacks so everyone has equal access to materials.

List of registered competitors:
1. Leff: composite bow, heavy crossbow, double leathers.
2. Dendum: composite bow, brigandine.
3. Drazaa: longbow, augmented chain.
4. Nisugi:
5. Maodan: composite bow, doubles.
6. Cloakhe:
7. Regyy: morning star, mace (twc), augmented chain.
8. Nickonai: brigandine, two katars

Let me know if you want me to bring you 0x gear. The above people have.

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