Willow Hall Fishing Tourney September 24, 2023

Ta’Illistim Bakery Contest Winners Announced

GM Valyrka announced first and second place in the recent Ta’Illistim Baking Contest. First: Rivienne and Second: Leatrix. We’ll see their concoctions for sale at the bakery! Congratulations! #GemStoneIV

Willow Hall Fishing Tourney September 24, 2023

Pennant Chase September 2023

On Sunday, September 10 at 4pm, play Pennant Chase! Earn experience and prizes while chasing down elusive pennants or your peers. Look for the Pennant Chase tent in your local town.

Solhaven Art Contest Deadline is August 31 – In Frame

Solhaven Art Contest for August 2023 – In Frame

Thandiwe started a new Art Contest for August: Create a piece of artwork that is framed and can be hung on a wall that includes Solhaven flower/herb, or something to do with crafting (ie: weaving, cobbling, papermaking etc.). Rules & Entry form: #GemStoneIV

The Ta’Illistim Baking Contest Is On!

Congratulations to the Garden Decor Contest Winners

GM Casil announced the results of the Yasrenila Compound Garden Decor Contest: 1st Place: Kayse. Other winners: Rivienne, Rohese, Aoife, and Uske. Even if you were not a winner, submissions will be used! Winners: ASSIST within 30 days for your prize. Details in link.