ANNOUNCEMENT: GM Xynwen announced a new recent timeline wiki page where players can add major story events since 2003, where the current official timeline ends. From time to time, GMs can select some of the new entries, run them through QC, and update the official timeline. There are directions at the top of the wiki page. Here’s all the info:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Xynwen
Announcement – An Unofficial Timeline Wiki Page
on 15 March 2023 12:10 PM
at the Official GemStoneIV Discord Forums
in help Category

The Timeline of Elanthian History is an official, uneditable document that provides summaries of history up until approximately 2003. After reviewing a request to update this with more current information, we’re going to take a two-pronged approach to this.

First, I’ve created an unofficial timeline page for Prime. This is primarily for recent events, but if there are older items not listed on the official timeline, you can put them here.

This page is for players to format and edit — I’ve just created the page itself and directions.

Next, we will periodically review items on there for inclusion on the official timeline. How that document is written requires full QC on any added blurbs (since it is not just bullets and dates and links), so this would likely be done in batches as I have time.

Hopefully this will help fill the gap by giving you a needed page without editing restrictions, and it can help us home in on cool things to add to the official one also.

Wiki Announcement:
Unofficial Timeline (player-editable page):
Official Timeline:

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