RUMOR WOODS NEWS: PM Wyrom announced that everyone who redeemed a Tourney Vault (from the SimuCoin Store) up until Friday, April 26, can request a special title at the Registry where the Jouster is. WRITE REGISTRY to claim yours! He added this extra goodie after the troubles that delayed the MechSpinner. Oh, the title? VAULT DWELLER.

Text of Discord Post follows:

PM Wyrom
[Rumor Woods] TOURNEY VAULT Update
on 26 Apr 2024 9:09 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #event-announcements channel

The title for those who redeemed a TOURNEY VAULT is now live. It can be found at the jouster. You just need to WRITE REGISTRY! The title is for Vault Dweller. You need to have redeemed a vault before 1am tomorrow. You can READ it to see if you signed it. Can also LOOK at it if you want.
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