SATURDAY’s Schedule of Events in Elanthia:

  • At Drabardi Jamboree-WL:
    • 1pm: Guided Meditation
    • 4pm: Tea Leaf Readings
    • 4:15pm: Scrying Bowl Raffle
    • 6pm: Wheel of Fate
    • 8pm: Campfire Tales
  • At Twilight Hall Carnival-WL
    • 9pm: Wheel of Nightmares
    • 10pm: Bounty Help
    • 11pm: Raffle: +20 Brawling Gloves with Disintegration Flares

(All Times Eastern)


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel on Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.