EBON GATE NEWS: GM Thandiwe announced a READ ONLY Discord Forum for Ebon Gate. It will be utilized by GMs for adjustments, announcements, and bug fixes.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
[Ebon Gate]
on 14 Sep 2023 10:08 AM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #event-announcements channel

With the success of the Read Only Forums for Rumor Woods & Duskruin, I’ve decided to continue with this style for Ebon Gate. Please consider following this Forum Post.

[Official] October 2023 – Ebon Gate Adjustments, Announcements, and Bug Fixes
GM Thandiwe — Today at 9:49 AM
Please consider following this thread as it is a read only thread designed to provide you with details on announcements, bug fixes, and updates.
Direct Discord Link (Right click, copy link, and paste into Discord App if you don’t want to use the Discord web interface.)


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