EBON GATE: GM Thandiwe released quite a list of direct responses to the recent Ebon Gate Request form! There are no teasers on it, as such, but it *is* an interesting read.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
Ebon Gate – Request Form Responses
on 15 Aug 2023 8:40 AM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events channel

This is a GameMaster Post Only thread to respond to some of the requests that were presented on the Form.
~*~ Thandiwe

Request for Flyfishing Gear:
We have I’d like a line of Flyfishing related items; a vice to tie flies; a box to convert skins and skulls into materials that could go into making unique tied flies; a box to make hooks; and a box to store flies. The goal would be to create Flyfishing gear that could be used for fishing.
The following items are already available at Naidem in the Shop https://gswiki.play.net/EHShop:Rodnir%27s_Bait_and_Tackle :
This shop is returning.

Request for Pets:
Pets. The shop with the expensive pets. They might be ridiculously expensive and out of the reach of some, but it still gives people a chance to try and get something they normally couldn’t, or wouldn’t have time to get. And everyone needs pets.
This shop is returning.

Basketifier Requests:
This shop is returning.

Creepy Crawling Jar
This shop is returning.

Diverse Drapes
This shop at Naidem is actually called the Art of Drapery
This shop is returning.

Request for Ear Candy:
This shop is returning.

Request for Frosting:
This shop is returning.

Request for Shadowplay:
This shop is returning.

Request for Gemcutter Items:
gemcutter patterns and the auto customizer (especially since the holder was sold at EG last year)
This shop is at Rings of Lumnis.

Request for Moth Cloak:
This shop is returning.

Requests for Shops with the Following:
Finvale Crystals
Planetarium Lanterns
Enhancive Swapping (not handled by NPC)

These are all either services or raffle items. They will not be in a shop.

Middle Class Property Releases
I doubt this can be pulled off for Ebon Gate. I would prefer to mitigate expectations. Do not plan on this being a thing here this year.

Wermth Unlocks
This is a Premium Festival Item.

These are offered at Duskruin.

Wooden Cobbling Heel Creator
This item already does this and is sold at Rumor Woods:

Script Unlock Requests That are Already Available at Naidem:
Arkati Prayer Beads
Bone Shaman Cloaks
Metallic Gowns

OTS Unlocks that Require Delayed Services:
The following can’t be offered as an OTS item, we would need to run them through QC:
Folding Chair Messaging
Siegery Minis Custom Messaging

Items from Caligos
We are making an effort to provide new offerings each year.
We are making an effort to provide you with “returning favorites” that weren’t offered at Caligos for the first few years.
This year, a scripted item that has been offered at a Festival (Other than EG) in the last 3-5 is highly unlikely to show up while we work on returning OLDER items..

Monster-headed Pauldrons
Creating new Worn Locations is a process that requires a lot of approvals and finagling.
I will look at providing a WORN_LOCATION swap that lets you toggle from “shoulders” to “pin” worn locations.

The embargo has been lifted.
There will be a few.
No, I am not teasing what they will be.
No, I won’t be able to get all the requests, but I do completely appreciate the ideas for them. Some of these weren’t even on my radar.

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