PREMIUM FEST NEWS: Just in time for the Premium Festival, GM Meraki announced a new type of Dreamfire panel, the portrait panel. When it is unlocked, you will be able to imprint the likeness of yourself or others in a handful of poses and store it in the concealed illusion half of your dreamfire panel. More:

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Meraki
New Dreamfire Teaser
on 25 May 2023 9:38 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord Forums
in General/All Things Dreamfire Category

A new rare panel type will be released in the near future: Portrait Panels. With an unlocked panel of this type, you’ll be able to imprint the likeness of yourself or others in a handful of poses and store it in the concealed illusion half of your dreamfire panel. At release, there will be 4 base poses: default, food, drink, and combat.

There may also be a more common opportunity available to obtain a locked portrait panel with a one-time customization in the future.

Here is a brief preview of what you could expect:

>gaze illusion
You gaze with interest at an elf illusion. The lifelike details hang in the air to reveal…

An elf is standing with a flute of dark rose wine in her hand, which she is drinking. She has a look of carefully controlled disinterest on her face.
The elf’s features sharpen, drawing your attention. She is exceptionally tall and has a lithe frame. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has distant, gold-flecked snow white eyes and alabastrine skin. She has shoulder-length, lustrously thick mahogany hair with artistically unruly viridian, violet, and ultramarine spirals. She has an angular face and a slender nose. She has hazy-edged blueberry-hued lacquer brushed onto her short chewed fingernails.

You pull your gaze away from the elf illusion, and your senses clear.

>wave my panel
You consider waving your black dagger panel to imprint your own likeness, resulting in a halfling pauper illusion with some of your features.
[You now have 60 seconds to choose a pose. Wave again once you are ready to preview the resulting imprint.]
>pose combat
You strike a pose and consider how it will appear:

A halfling pauper is depicted in mid-action, leaping into the air with a feras dagger in hand. Her body is coiled with energy, ready to strike as she descends towards her target. Her mid-flight journey hangs in the air, moments before she unleashes a powerful blow upon her unseen target.

[The combat pose may reference your defensive stance and will reference a feras dagger. You have 60 seconds to imprint this pose.]

Fun fact: For those with a keen eye and attention to detail, you’ll notice that in analyze the basic panels show as type #1 and scenery panels show as type #3. The new portrait panels will show as type #2. Although they have been planned for some time, a few technical bits had to be worked out before they were completely ready for launch.

I’ll be posting my Premium Raffle Schedule once I finalize it.

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