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What You Missed

General Gemstone IV


Shallimar asked, “Does it make a difference which part of the ADV guild badge you upgrade, and if so, which aspect does what?” HebrewToYou replied that research was posted at the PC and he linked it.


LostRanger reported a bug with elemental TD and shadow steeds. GM Naos thanked him.


Joskin, Sarmoya, et al. mentioned that they tried to invite someone to their table but it said “You are too preoccupied to do that right now.” Leafiara responded that sometimes happens if you meditate at the table, even after the meditation ends. Bug?


Mersenne spotlit an interesting answer from programming and tech innovator, Alan Kay, to the following question “Experienced programmers and computer scientists, what are some really old (or even nearly forgotten) books you think every new programmer should read?

Farfignewgut answered a Bigshot question about setting it up to use the ‘commands to do’ section with detailed instructions. He continued on with how to configure the ‘resting scripts’ section, and links to a Bigshot reference page at the wiki.

Ryjex and LostRanger had a learning discussion about using ;vars vs. using global variables in your scripts.

Ryjex asked how often vars are saved to the lich database file and LostRanger tests it to see, there’s some more discussion that follows about both when they do get saved to the drive and best practices.

Arianiss looked for a way to do something before exiting GemStone. Avalera and GM Haxus suggested a script and alias options. Music Stands, Kittens, and other things that might get left on the ground, or unemptied disks are prime candidates for this treatment.

LostRanger talked about adding new meta data into map tags, and then people piled onto the end of that discussion discussion about map stuff. Mapping subjects – not for novices, as you’ll read.

World of Elanthia



  • What is the hardest aspect to rp of your character? [Puptilian]

SimuCoin Events and Quests


Roblar asked, “@Estild is the new recovery system set to send your weapon/item into the shadow room place in the Sanctum of Scales in the situation where for some reason it can only go to the ground when you die? Like hands are full and no unscripted container to fall into?” and continued, “low chance but may have been overlooked as a possible item loss place since needs a few bad things to happen to actually drop and be disarmed.” GM Estild responded, “@Roblar, not sure what you mean from your disarm question last night. Can you give me a specific example?” Melivn responded, “Theres a perfect storm chance where both your hands are full and you dont have an appropriate container or your containters are full that the SoS snake disarm will send your item to the ground. I think this is what hes talking about” GM Estild responded, “Looks like we’ll need to update it to not to do that. In meant time, I’m distributing free large sacks.” (Psst. I don’t think he’s really distributing free large sacks.)

Calista reported a bug:

The drawbridge guard steps in front of you and says, “Ach, ye’ll no’ want ta hear this, but ye maun pay the toll, e’en if yer a-draggin’ yer deid friend. Five silvers fer ye. Nae charge for the corpse.”
>go drawbridge
[River’s Rest, River Road]
As safe as a gate, the river runs swiftly east to west, secure against intrusion when the well-built drawbridge to the mainland is raised. Along the riverfront, comfortable benches are interspersed with odd three sided structures, large enough to hold a giant man comfortably, but their use not readily apparent. A fresh breeze carries the sounds of a nearby marketplace from the east, and an occasional hint of roasting meat from somewhere to the north. You also see an oaken barrel. Obvious paths: north, east, wes
from my logs
so he charges me while i’m dragging a body even if i’m a citizen, but when i stop dragging i can go through free?
that seems like a bug!

zeph asked, “any scheduled time for HESS opening? my vote is sat night 9pm, same time as fri open, it works the best for multiple time zones. additionally would be best if the time is scheduled with advanced notice…”

Treeva asked, “How come all this info is so last minute? We’ve been talking about DR running this week, for months now. :neutral_face:” Some players had some uncharitable responses to that. GM Estild replied, “I don’t know any details about what Wyrom may or may not have said in the past, but I do know that’s not the reason any information hasn’t been released. It’s not easy to make all the changes, create items, get approvals, etc. It’s exceedingly time consuming. The weeks leading up to an event can be very stressful. None of the items were even finalized and approved until this week and Wyrom simply hasn’t had the time to share the prices.” PM Wyrom responded, “That’s some serious rumor mill spreading there. As for pricing, I said I’d try to, and I also said it’s the lowest of my priorities. I’ve been working on getting the event ready for tonight.” GM Haliste added, “It’s disappointing to see that kind of comment FWIW.”

Hondaeuroz asked, “will coraesine be limited?” PM Wyrom responded, “Yes. Pretty much everything in HESS is, it’s limited or scaling.”

Calista asked, “@Wyrom in addition to the extension on quest orbs, can we get 50% off enhancive pauses? Since we’re wearing a ton of enhancives from NATA and pausing them between arena runs” PM Wyrom responded, “added.”

Melivn asked, “for the demon thing does that only spawn once ever or can we put it off and do it later if we want to try it out” PM Wyrom responded, “It’s like an invasion area. So clear it out once and it’s done. It’s literally just one of my invasion creatures.”

Retser posted:

You nock an arrow in your indigo bow. As you fire your indigo bow, indigo tentacles jump from the bow and onto the arrow! You fire an arrow at a triton combatant! AS: +370 vs DS: +172 with AvD: +20 + d100 roll: +16 = +234 … and hit for 28 points of damage! Glancing strike to the head! as you strike a triton combatant several indigo tentacles lash out and bury themselves into its flesh. You feel a sudden rush of blood flow into you from your indigo bow! You wince as the indigo bow draws upon your blood as it strikes. A slender indigo and black tendril lashes out from an arrow and slashes a triton combatant’s back! … 20 points of damage! Slash to the triton combatant’s lower back! The tentacles surrounding your indigo bow continue to writhe. The tentacle-wrapped arrow crumbles into dust. Roundtime: 5 sec.

Sins asked if there would be any enchant potions and whether or not they were ready for this event or not going to be available for the foreseeable future. PM Wyrom answered, “Foreseeable future. Once enchant updates are done, we’ll re-evaluate. I’m looking at that exp bug.”

There was an experience bug that rolled out to Platinum and then a saturation bug in Prime. PM Wyrom fixed it.

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.