EBON GATE NEWS: GM Thandiwe announced an update for the Naidem Foraged Items, with lots of detail about which kinds of places they grow and such. It sounds like there are 22 rooms where these all grow, scattered about the Festival Grounds. She also introduced the Naidem Bloom.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
[Official] October 2023 – Ebon Gate Adjustments, Announcements, and Bug Fixes
on 26 Oct 2023 10:21 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #forums/paid-events channel

Naidem Foraged Items Update

I understand that the concerns have been varied regarding how many rooms a foraged item can be found, however, since there aren’t bounties in Naidem and it is a temporary area, I don’t feel the need to make every plant findable in 100 rooms. Those plants that can be found in 22 rooms are fine and it’s more than enough. However, I do understand that the plants that were inadvertently limited to under 10 rooms is a concern. As such, I’ve made the following updates:
• Pale Green Gingko Leaf – Added climate cold/dry & terrain cultivated
• Yellow-cored White Feverfew Bloom – Added climate cold/damp & terrain grassland
• Capitulum of Reddish Black Direbloom – added climate cold/damp & terrain cultivated
• Tendril of Saffron Ginger Root – added climate cold/dry and terrain cultivated
• Soft Yellow Sorrel Sprig – added climate add climate cold/damp and terrain cultivated
• Strip of White Willow Bark – added climate cold/damp
• Bloom of Orange-Yellow Chamomile – added climate cold/dry and terrain cultivated
• Sprig of Downy Skullcap – added climate cold/damp and terrain cultivated
• Purple-irised White Mullein Blossom – added climate cold/damp and terrain grasslands
• Stalk of Pineapple Sage – added climate cold/dry and terrain cultivated

The rest had 22 rooms, but I did add cold/dry or cold/damp as I deemed appropriate. Other changes that went into effect as of tonight:
• Clump of Winterbriar Moss – This should work exactly like Yabathilium Fruit now.
• Some Chartreuse Bittermere Lichen – This should work as Pothinir Grass now.
• There isn’t a Talneo equivalent in Naidem

Those healing herbs whose equivalents could be bundled should now be able to be bundled. The notable one that won’t be is Winterbriar Moss. None of its equivalents do and the way bundling is coded specifically prevents it from bundling.

Nine New Foraged Items
Now that our storyline is ended, please feel free to search the following areas for new foraged items. They are relatively scattered, but for clarity, you can find at least one of them in the following areas:
• Evermore Hollow Inner Ring Road
• Evermore Hollow Outer Ring Road
• Moorlyn
• Winterbriar
• Vigil’s End
• Fate’s Holding
• Ember Ridge Orchard
• Bittermere Woods
• Innocent’s End

Let me repeat, you can definitely find at least ONE of the new items in each of the above sections, but you MAY be able to find more in multiple areas.

These new foraged items have fun little zests that you can do and are named Naidem Blooms.
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