The TownCrier was asked to host this GemStoneIV Player’s Tool. We’re not supporting it…

This is an Excel spreadsheet, and does not work with Google Sheets. It may work with other spreadsheets, please let us know if you get it working correctly in other spreadsheets than Excel.

It will require you to turn on macros for it. This GSIV Trainer is a time-honored tool for GemStoneIV players to use to plan their characters. The provenance of the Excel file is listed on it, as:

    • This is a modified version of Elfarran’s spreadsheet trainer. I’ve modified and improved it over the years, but credit belongs to Elfarran for the original design. –Tsoran Tsoran deArgonoth
    • CMAN tables updated by Bobmuhthol
    • Monk Information updated by Kithus

Click here to Download the GSIV Trainer Spreadsheet for Excel.




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