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While spells like 335 Divine Wrath, cleric disablers, and cleric bolts got the most substantive discussion in players’ written comments, other spells did see discussion on a smaller scale.  Some of those comments were already included in previous sections as part of players’ commentary on larger situations for clerics, such as mentions of 330 Prayer of Communion or 340 Symbol of the Proselyte when discussing cleric utility.

Here we’ll briefly look at a sampling of the remainder of comments about lesser-used spells before going to a more positive note in Part 10, then concluding the survey results.

Spells touched on below include:


Quick Takes on Spells

325 – Imbedding: Mana capacity for a particular gem value seems too low.

-post-cap cleric

Give a slight usability buff to 340 – it’s good but not entirely worth the hassle.

-post-cap cleric

Mid level spell (309) for attack. Make 350 useful. Give me an SMR attack. Make 335 useful.

-level 67 cleric

really need to fill out the lvl > 25 spells for more flavor

-unknown level cleric

220 and 225 barely works anywhere after level 90

-post-cap cleric

Major Sanct is a cool spell but a real drag mechanically. I love the RP uses of it, but in many situations, Minor Sanct is just better. Needs a bit of a rework.

-level 35 cleric

325 Imbedding – needs the capability for better charge cap[…]
325 Nexus – Far as I know, the usefulness of this ends with Ylandra banishing people to Zul Logoth

-mid-60s cleric

Symbol of the Proselyte could use a rework as I never use it (I realize some probably use it all the time, but […] the effort is a bit much for limited benefit and cooldowns.)

-post-cap cleric

Almost all of the early 300’s [utility spells] can be combined into 1 spell slot. Make bless able to do away with curses and link someone via well of life. Theres no need to have them all be seperate spells like that.

-level 40 cleric

311 is useless and is purely for fun. 330 should be an innate ability. 335 should have some version where a buildup isn’t required. 350 is a cool ability, but I use it so rarely – I feel it could be replaced with something more useful.

-post-cap cleric

Not everyone is so down on all of these cleric spells, though, as seen below and at the end of Part 9:

Hands down one of the best utility characters. 325 to imbed spells is way less pain in the butt than 420 or 714. Also nexus gems and brimstones are terribly fun.

-level 65 cleric

Longer Takes on Spells

Closing out with a few of the meatier comments, including some suggestions, players wrote…

316 is really the only good crowd control spell that can be relied on (Major/Minor will require specific training to make them reliable). I think it’s good enough to protect you long enough to get out of danger. I think the protection from 319 is a bandaid. “Here, let’s just make it so the first attack won’t actually happen and that gives them time to kill the creature.”

[…] I also want to see 217 and 135 made player friendly […] removing the worry you might hinder/hurt people (especially in an invasion) would help a lot. I think 340 needs to allow more charges (though Estild strongly feels it’s underutilized and you can charge it multiple times during a hunt; I disagree because the spirit loss hurts). I would also like to see Brimstone and Silver to Gold updated.

-post-cap cleric

A lot of my dissatisfaction surrounding the higher level cleric spells is based on their relative use to myself and others, with the exception of Nexus, which I’m just plain dissatisfied by it being subject to Chronomage interference. Also, merging Light and Darkness was great—replacing the empty slot with Tend Lore was a joke.

-post-cap cleric

Symbol of the Proselyte.. this is an amazing spell that I am saddened I never see put to use. I think its bonuses should be extended to physical AS as well, and should be upgraded to allow a defensive option instead of attack only for those who would prefer that sort of thing. Perhaps even add a deity specific boon to further the idea of being a “tool for clerics to convert new followers”.

Also… and I realise why it is currently this way but… this spell is currently essentially useless for Ghezresh clerics. We cannot create new holy symbols for Ghezresh, and to my knowledge the only Ghezresh holy symbols that exist are the LK sigils pushed out of the EG treasure system, which I’m guessing mostly ended up in pawnshops […] Just to have it said, as it gives me a sad.

[…] overall, I have no issues with clerical utilities outside of what I’ve already stated. [Editor’s note: besides the above, this player gave comments about replacing 330 and 309 that were trimmed out.]  There are some really cool utilities available to the cleric. I simply feel those which aren’t used could use a rework to make them more in demand. A longer lasting, large charge holding, deity specific boosting holy symbol during Duskuin Arena time? Yes please!

-mid-60s cleric

Next Section

Part 10 concludes the survey results at last with a discussion of what additions to clerics players might like to see–and afterward we get to the final wrap-up post.


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