Times listed below are always in Eastern time (NYC)

02-019:59 PM[PREMIUM] Ravia will be raffling off a symbol of Eorgina1,000 silversLocated on: raffle table, Room Name: {FWI, Gardenia Commons]3668Astari
02-107:13 PM[PREMIUM] "A cast iron brownie pan AND a cast iron muffin tin that can also make cupcakes. Winner MUST BE PRESENT to win, or another winner will be selected immediately after the drawing. No exceptions to this rule, even if you show up immediately after."50,000 silversLocated on: raffle table, Room Name: [FWI, Gardenia Commons]3668Jonid
02-10-20217:29 PM[PREMIUM] "One winner to create their very own custom log on/off. You do not need to be present to win, but you must be somewhere in the lands. [OOC: This is a delayed service, please make sure your play.net is forwarding to a valid email address. You MUST have something to me ready to submit to QC by no later than 11:59pm PT on Feb. 17 or your win is forfeit.]".50,000 silversLocated on: raffle table, Room Name: [FWI, Oleander Crossing]3657Ysaeril
02-25-20216:00 PM[PREMIUM] Xerria will be holding her short duration raffle for three slots at one of her really Rare Raffles. Choices will be listed on the sign at the event. Ticket cost will be 1,000 silvrs. Winners must be there to redeem the win and they must have the item already on their person. NO PASSING.1,000 silversLocated on: raffle table, Room Name: [FWI, Firefly Merchant Lounge]16338
Rovvigen Aniket

Rovvigen Aniket

Rovvigen is the reporter on-the-spot for a number of events and activities. He keeps track of all the raffles for you, too! He is a wizard and diviner, an officer at Silvergate Inn and part of the Sphere and Scythe. Quote: "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it."