RUMOR WOODS NEWS: New at Rumor Woods: 1) The Auto-flarer can now handle the Category B flares for Animalistic Shields, Armor, and weapons. 2) The PERM-ifier arrived, and it, too, is by the Old Jouster. It takes raikhen.

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Thandiwe
[Rumor Woods] The Auto-flarer has learned a new trick…
on 29 Apr 2024 10:13 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #event-announcements channel

The auto-flarer NPC can now handle Animalistic Shields, Armor, and Weapons. This is for the (slot b) flare ability. All other flaring abilities must be purchased from the shop.

PM Wyrom
[Rumor Woods] PERM-Ifier Arrives
on 29 Apr 2024 10:24 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #event-announcements channel

@Lithyia asked for it. It’s where I keep putting everything by the jouster (r8208704 in GMspeak). It takes raikhen.
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