WYROM ON LAST MANIA: PM Wyrom clarified reasons for some notables missing from Mania on Tuesday night, and explains why there will be no more of these sort of Mania events. He’s dreaming up something new! Details:

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PM Wyrom
The Last Mania
on 1 March 2023 1:44 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord Forums
in paid-events, Duskruin – The Last Mania Comments from Wyrom Category

PP/OSA had already happened at the automated auction. Things like upgrade OSA tiers were really awful performers.

NotRot and Rage will not be getting released again until I can improve them some more and decide what to do with the summoning one.

Right now, fixing 1 NotRot means I have to fix all of them, plus all my other subscripting things.

It was fine when it was just LesserMoods and RotFlares. But now, I have too many, and it’s like a full work week to get that all figured out, fixed, and rolled in.

The purpose of the auction/mania are to appeal to large bloodscrip numbers with an entertaining angle. The OSA pricing had dropped severely. It’s not really aimed for anything under HESS valuation or else we can stick it in HESS.

For something like Mania, I’m the auctioneer, we have a couple people usually build some of the items beforehand. Everything is already approved for the most part, but there are some offerings we do “live.” Then there are between 6 to 12 GMs behind the scenes doing a lot of the redeeming now. Prior to how we run it now, it usually was work that got pushed out until nearly April (October for the August run) from HESS. So anything we do needs to be redeemed ASAP at the event these days.

I’m retiring Mania as it is. I don’t have it in me anymore. I would like to do something new that is more enjoyable for me.

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