EVENT: On Friday, October 28 at 11:30pm in Fate’s Barrow, Naidem (Room 31771), join the 8th guest in the monthly series in Ta’Vaalor’s “Informal Fireside Forums in and around the Fortress.” This time, a mystery guest of many aliases including Blood Reaver and “Mayor.” Quite the seasonally appropriate interviewee!

Text of Discord Post follows:

Informal Fireside Forum EG Roadshow
on 27 October 2022 3:22 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
in Discord Forums world-events

Tomorrow, Friday 28 Oct at 11:30 PM EST in Fate’s Barrow of Naidem (31771) we will host our eighth guest in our monthly series in Ta’Vaalor’s “Informal Fireside Forums in and around the Fortress.”

This month brings a most mysterious man of many aliases and pseudonyms and dubious origins: Blood Reaver, Lichborn, Blackwing, Bone Collector, the Butcher, Bone Bird, Swabby, Arm Grower, Art Supply, Lenore, Stumpy, Jingle Man, Winged Bat, Damned Bat, Blood Weirdo, and “Mayor.”

I will provide no more information, but rest assured that there is likely no better guest to host in Naidem during this time of year.

This will be another not to miss event, and there will be ample time for audience Q&A!


Every month I invite a special guest speaker to a rotating location in Ta’Vaalor to help educate Ta’Vaalor dwellers on the current political, economic, cultural, and historical trends of another place beyond the walls of the Fortress. For the last two and a half years, I’ve brought Ta’Vaalor to the world, but now I hope to bring the world to Ta’Vaalor to help teach eastern folk what’s out there and to help us better understand the realms beyond our domain. Kegs will still be present, and we will generally be in a bar, so the discussions—while structured—will be like a deep bar chat.

These events are open to Legion and non-Legion alike and will focus on many topics from across the world, from how global events relate to fortress politics to whatever topics our speakers care to elucidate and illuminate us with. Future months will bring guests from other parts of the realm, as long as they can stay awake late.

And no worries, Saturday events will continue as always. There will be no pause to drunken chaos.

— 28 October 2022 at 03:23 PM
Note: there is a slight chance that our guest will change the location of the event due to it not being creepy enough for his taste. I will let you know if that happens right here.

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