DUSKRUIN NEWS: GM Tivvy posted Duskruin’s schedule:

  • August 12: 6pm: Booklets on Sale
  • August 12: 9pm: Duskruin Opens and Hess Opens
  • August 15: ~7pm: Trove Starts
  • August 16, approx 7pm: First Trove Drawing
  • August 19, 9pm: Spin Night
  • August 26, 9pm: Mania Night #1 UPDATED
  • August 27, 7pm: Mania Night #2
  • August 30: ~7pm: Final Trove Drawing
  • August 31 at 11:59pm: Duskruin Closes

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Tivvy
Official Schedule for Duskruin August 2022
on 11 August 2022 8:17 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
in event-announcements

August Duskruin Important Dates!
Below are the dates and times scheduled for some of the major happenings at Duskruin. All times listed are in Eastern.
Booklet Sales Begin: Friday, August 12th at 6 PM
Opening: Friday, August 12th at 9 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
Trove Starts: Monday, August 15th at roughly 7 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
Trove First Drawing: Tuesday, August 16th at roughly 7 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
HESS Opening: Friday, August 12th at 9 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered) – For Platinum and Shattered this will also include limited quantityservices
Spin Night: Friday, August 19th at 9 PM (Prime Only) – Spins for limited quantity HESS services. More details to follow separately
Mania Auction Night #1: Friday, August 26th, 7PM 9PM (Prime, Platinum)
Mania Auction Night #2: Saturday, August 27th, 7 PM (Prime, Platinum)
Trove Final Drawing: Tuesday, August 30th (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
Closing: Wednesday, August 31st at 11:59 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered

Direct Discord Link

GM Tivvy
August 2022 Duskruin – Mania Aucton Details
on 13 August 2022 7:39 PM
from Play.Net Forum Link
in Duskruin Arena

It was previously announced that Mania would be in two parts, on Friday, August 26th and Saturday, August 27th.

The Friday time has been changed to 9 PM Eastern in both Prime and Platinum. The Saturday session will be Prime-only (schedule for Platinum still TBD) and remains at 7 PM Eastern.

The Friday session will be entirely automated auctions and will take place in New Bids on the Block in Bloodriven Village. The Saturday session will be a live Mania session with Lahke, location will be announced the day of.

GameMistress Tivvy



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