DUSKRUIN PREVIEW: GM Avaluka comes out with the first Fall Duskruin preview. We present: Drunk Undershirts. (put your drink down before reading….)

Text of Discord Post follows:

GM Avaluka
Duskruin Preview for Drunk Undershirts
on 29 July 2922 5:13 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
in the #duskruin channel

A bit of a teaser taster: Pulling the cloth of your undershirt away from your body, you sloppily shove a squat leather flask embossed with an ivy design down the front of it, somehow managing to slide it into the inner pocket despite your drunken lack of coordination.

But wait, there’s more….

You fall over. Clumsy oaf!
>lean my under at avaluka
Lifting your arms straight into the air, you roll back and forth on the ground like an absurd turtle on its back, drunken laughs punctuating every movement.

Direct Discord Link

But wait, there’s a bit more from the Official Forums below:

Drunkard Clothing
on 07/31/2022 06:56 PM
from Play.Net Forum Link
in Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins ~ Duskruin Arena

Drink too much? Don’t drink enough? Need to sneak some potent potable into a fancy event without anyone realizing? Drunkard Clothing may be for you.

Debuting in the new shop “Secretive Sips” at Duskruin, this new type of clothing has several tricks that may be useful to those who like drinks of any kind. For their debut year, they are only available in items of clothing worn under armor as an undershirt.

* Each item has a secret pocket that holds 1 (one) drink or drink container.
* DRINK the clothing to automatically take your drink from the secret pocket, have a sip, and then replace it where no one will be any the wiser.
* DRINKing in this manner has a chance you will spill liquid on your clothing, changing the description to a “dirty” description that shows the liquid colors. (Don’t worry – you can CLEAN them back to their original splendor.)
* All messaging is different depending if you are dead sober, slightly tipsy, or full-on drunk.
* The clean/dirty descriptions of the garment are completely customizeable.
* Drinks stored in the clothing do not need to be alcoholic, but that’s up to the owner on what they want to store in there!

>drink my undershirt
Casting a furtive glance around, you slip a hand down the front of your linen undershirt and pull out a squat leather flask embossed with an ivy design from an inner pocket.
You take a drink from your leather flask. You detect a hint of molasses in the hearty brew.
You have 6 quaffs left.
Glancing casually around the area, you palm the leather flask and slip it discreetly down the front of your linen undershirt.
>wave my undershirt at avaluka
Grabbing the front of your undershirt, you flap the linen to cause a slight breeze to play over your face. The faint scent of alcohol rises into the air.
>wave my undershirt
Flashing a quick grin, you lift your hand and give a jaunty wave.
>laugh my undershirt
Clutching at your stomach, you bend forward in a fit of raucous laughter, a wide grin spreading across your face.
get flask from my undershirt
Flashing a quick grin, you reach a hand down the front of your linen undershirt and extract a squat leather flask embossed with an ivy design, lifting it in a casual toast.



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