DUSKRUIN NEWS: GM Tivvy announced that the HESS additions will include a bunch of new scripts, including Dramatic drapery, Fighting Knives, and Ethereal Weapons/Armor. There are also some new service additions, including two services that are not permanent HESS additions. Check the post out here:

August 2022 HESS additions
08/11/2022 07:25 PM CDT
from Play.Net Forum Link
in Duskruin Arena

These are in addition to the existing services offered at HESS, listed on the wiki at https://gswiki.play.net/High_End_Scrip_Shop/shop_list_February_2022
All script-adding services add the script to an item at the base/off-the-shelf tier (usually Tier 1) with no additional unlocks.

All prices below are in bloodscrip.

New limited quantity service additions:
*Energy Shield, Script Add – 250,000
*Daybringer, Script Add – 250,000
*Ethereal Armor, Script Add – 250,000
*Ethereal Weapon, Script Add – 250,000
*Fighting Knives, Script Add – 250,000
*Dramatic Drapery, Script Add – 250,000
New unlimited quantity service additions:
*Resistance Change – 40,000
– This allows you to change a single resistance on an item to another type. You may not stack it to another type already present on that item, and you may not move partial amounts, the entire resistance amount only.
*Morphing Armor, 1 Tier unlock (max of T3) – 2,500
*Morphing Armor Auction Quality Unlock – 10,000
*Shield Bracer/Grobey, Single Unlock (max of T2) – 2,500
*Shield Bracer/Grobey, Auction Quality Unlock – 10,000

Non-permanent additions (unlimited quantities):
+5 TD up to +50 – 300,000
+5 enchant up to +75 – 275,000

GameMistress Tivvy

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