DUSKRUIN NEWS: Ever wanted a disk that holds just a bit more and looks a bit fancier? Your wishes have been answered at the new DR shop Diskovery. Please read the extensive write-up on the box and wands, including charging them with black crystals. One warning, using the bound Black Crystals from BOOST CRYSTAL will attune it.

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GM Haliste
Diskovery Duskruin Shop
on 12 August 2022 8:16 PM
from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
in #duskruin

You wanna know what Diskovery has?
It has boxes and wands. What do these boxes and wands do? The boxes will make a disk, and the wands will add a design to an (unlocked) box. All boxes come with 1 pre-designed design slot. There are 5 Tiers (including OTS), and there is an Auction Version that will add more design slots (up to 10) but no additional functionality. Each tier will add the same # Tier to the item capacity and # of design slots of the disk. So a Tier 2 box will create a disk that has a +2 item capacity boost and 2 design options. Designs cannot be overwritten, so you’ll need to unlock the box to Tier 2 in order to add (or change) a design. You can CLEAN a design off, but you can’t overwrite one.

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GM Haliste
Diskovery Duskrun Shop
on 13 Aug. 2022 8:34 AM
From the Official GemStoneIV Discord
on #duskruin channel

Quick up date on the disk creators from Diskovery — these will now let you put items inside (whoops?) AND these will take Elemental Lore, Air ranks bonus into consideration so that Wizards retain their bonus and will make the largest disk possible with their lore + item bonus/tier. (Yes, they stack.) Thank you, @Estild.

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