DUSKRUIN NEWS: GM Xynwen announced that briar flares have been updated to include accessories, unarmed combat gear, and wearable shields and weapons. Read more about the updates and the new Duskruin shop, A Twist of Briars here:

A Twist of Briars & Briar Flare Information (Including HESS update)
08/12/2022 09:14 AM CDT
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in Duskruin Arena

As has been teased in the #duskruin August Duskruin Teasers thread, briar flares are getting some updates. I wanted to pull everything together into one succinct post for you all, and I’ll x-ref this onto Discord as well.

In addition, as soon as I can, I’ll update the wiki if it isn’t already, but it’s also real job time and opening DR day, so it may be a bit.

The ANALYZE will get some updates later as well, so you can get info from the items themselves.

The script is finishing up QC, so nothing below is live yet. I anticipate that being done soon, if not before opening, within a day or so after.

* Briar flare accessories: Just about any worn item can now be a briar flare item. For now, these are only available in shop as this is a new offering. Accessories are fully functional off-the-shelf, with fluff verb unlocks up to Tier 3.

These items, when worn and active, will draw 1 HP/Bloodpoint per 30 seconds to contribute to a briar flare weapon’s Blood Pool. Up to 5 briar flare items (accessories and weapons) can be contributing at any given time.

When you RAISE a T3 briar weapon to activate the AS bonus, if you have accessories, then you get a +1 AS bonus for each item you have, up to an additional +5 to the AS bonus.

* UAC gear: Briar flares now work on UAC gear. The right hand needs to be free for them to contribute to the blood pool.

* Wearable Weapons/Shields: Should not take HPs while worn, but instead when active (aka in the hands).

* AS ALWAYS – do not forget to TAP to withdraw the engaged briars before removing a worn accessory item, putting a held item away, or wearing a wearable weapon/shield.

* Third party messaging for bloodsucking has been removed to reduce spam

* First person messaging for bloodsucking has been reduced to a reminder it’s occurring every five minutes. It’s also considered an ambient, so if you have the ambient window open, it can go into that.

* There have been a few bugreports in the last six months or so on some compatibility issues with rotflares and something with crossbows and such. These updates should also resolve all of that

* Behind-the-scenes update on how LOOK works. It shouldn’t impact you at all, but if you have a custom SHOW that gets wonky, you’ll need to BUGITEM the details and ASSIST

* Behind-the-scenes update on how custom loresongs work. It shouldn’t impact anyone, but if you have a custom loresong story that is suddenly not working, BUGITEM and then ASSIST

* Updated/new fluff verbs:
T0 (OTS) – hug, prod, scratch, wave
T1 – attend, poke, twist
T2 – kiss, pat, tickle
T3 – flail, nudge, touch, rub

* Added PEER to show the active briar flare (aka Betrayer items)

A Twist of Briars
A Twist of Briars is a new shop at Duskruin. It will have some fully locked (Tier 0) briar flare weapons as well as some briar flare accessories for sale. In addition, weaponry unlocks up to T3 (fully unlocked) will be available and accessory unlocks (fluff verbs only, up to T3, fully unlocked) are also available.

Pricing (in bloodscrip):
OTS weapon: 5K
Weapon Unlock to T1: 50K
Weapon Unlock to T2: 50K
Weapon Unlock to T3: 250K
OTS accessory: 15K
OTS accessory unlocks: 1K each

HESS Update
To bring the HESS offering inline with other “add a script to an existing item” offerings, the HESS add for weaponry will be for a T0 addition to your weapon, and it will be fully locked, T0, for 150K.

Accessory additions to existing items will not happen yet, since that is a new offering, and it is standard to offer those OTS exclusively for a bit.

Katana, Claidhmore, and Naginata Info
These will be allowable via HESS with the newly announced restriction removals, but there will be a surcharge to add briar flares to these items. We just don’t know what that will be yet.

In addition, while they aren’t in the shop right now, once I know surcharging info, I can look at adding one of each into the OTS offerings in the shop also.

Many, many, many thanks to the ever-awesome Modrian, who has been my coder on briar flares since their inception. He’s talented, patient, and kind, and while I can code small things, this complex beast is something I am super grateful I can lean on him for!

And additional gratitude and cheers to Estild who let us run with the new expansions, gave incredible guidance, and is just all around a super awesome, nice, and useful dude to have around.

And as always, thanks to you, the players!

Player Experience Team, MHO & CHE GM
>Emails for MHO business should go to GS4-MHO@PLAY.NET
>Emails for CHE business should go to GS4-CHE@PLAY.NET
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