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Neovik’s Campaign Rally in Icemule

If you missed Neovik’s Campaign Rally, you’ll find the edited transcript at the officials. How’s he feel about the Queen?

Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace

Date: 05/31/2018 11:37 PM CDT
Subj: Neovik's Mayoral Campaign Rally
This is the transcript from Neovik’s mayoral campaign rally on Ivastaen 31, 5118, that began at 10:30pm Elven.

[The Nightowl Pub, Entry – 2389]
Upon entering the dimly lit room, you are startled by the row of round eyes staring at you from above. As your vision adjusts to the darkness, you realize that you are merely being watched by the many owl statues lining a plate rail high on the wall. It appears that each pair of eyes is formed by different gems, backlit by candles. You also see the Brokkrsten disk, a blue-eyed calico cat, an outgoing aurora spirit that is flying around, the Laralana disk, an Icemule townscape banner that reads, “From Higher Vision, the Path Forward Emerges. Vote Neovik!” with a giantman towering over the words, the Neovik disk, a frost-hued pudgy snowcat kitten, a massive midnight black panther that is sleeping, a gilt-edged menu, a steep staircase and a charming halfling hostess.
Also here: Great Lord Jalodg (Ranger), Enestrie (Cleric) who is sitting, Kilded (Warrior) who is sitting, Lord Giffaxe, Conquerer of Reim Claudaro (Wizard), Selaesia (Wizard), Brokkrsten (Cleric), Laralana (Warrior), Councillor Emeritus Igerone who is sitting, Master Neovik (Rogue), Laelithonel (Wizard), Kittai (Ranger)
Obvious exits: out

A young, beautiful woman rushes past you. “I don’t want to be late to Neovik’s rally,” she says to herself, giggling. “I hear the drinks — and flirting — are free!” She heads off in the direction of the Nightowl Pub, Entry.

Neovik exclaims, “Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to come here tonight!”

Neovik says, “Tonight I wanted to make this a more relaxed event rather than an event where you just listen to me talk with a speech I’ve written. Well maybe a quick short speech.”

Neovik chuckles.

Neovik says, “We all share the same goals and I’ve become more aware of that thanks to my discussion with Dirvy the other day.”
Aranrhod just arrived.

Neovik smiles.

Neovik says, “It sounds like ICICLE has it’s hands full with quite a few amazing projects in the works. Projects that will help keep Icemule safe and improve the overall life of our citizens. It’s all in the name.”

Neovik exclaims, “As Mayor I will do whatever I can do to support ICICLE and to help them in anyway possible. That also goes for any other organization that has worked hard to make our town great!”

Neovik smiles.

Neovik says, “I have to say though I’m excited about the projects they currently have in the works. That alarm alone is a great idea! The impact that alone will have on this town is tremendous.”

Neovik says, “I also want to encourage any other organizations to reach out to me with any concerns, needs or questions. It doesn’t have to be now. It could be at anytime. I will make time for you to hear what’s going on and how I can help.”

Neovik asks, “Ok… enough with the speech here. The whole purpose that I had in mind for this Rally tonight was to hear what you the people of Icemule have to say and to find out what’s important to you?”

Yhtrin says, “Ahem.”
Yhtrin raises his hand.
Neovik nods at Yhtrin.

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik asks, “Hey there! do ya have a question or any ideas?”

Yhtrin says, “I am curious what you, and all the other candidates, intend to do about the Queen.”

Neovik says, “For me, I am no fan of the queen in any way. I have a plan in mind that I have running around in my head on how to handle her.”

Yhtrin asks, “And would you share it?”

Neovik says, “I don’t want to reveal details on that just in case of her minions being about.”

Neovik says, “But she will not be welcome in Icemule.”

At the mention of the word “Queen,” the crowd gets a bit noisier, some folks slamming their glasses down angrily.

Yhtrin asks, “You intend to deny her entry? How?”

Neovik says, “She’s made it obvious of her intentions with her minions attacking this town.”

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik says, “I don’t think I can stop her quite yet. But I want to procure something that may assist in combating her.”

Neovik says, “I have a secret mission in mind for the organizations of Icemule.”

Yhtrin says, “Secret missions don’t get people elected.”

Yhtrin chuckles.

Pietra says, “Secret missions should probably not be discussed out loud.”

Neovik says, “Secret missions that are expose don’t work either though.”

You softly say, “Secret missions sometimes get people elected, when those missions deliver results.”

Laralana says, “Well, huh……..sounds like Neovik cares more about the town’s welfare than being elected….”
Laralana nods approvingly.

Claudaro says, “Asking someone to reveal a plan to deal with their foe publically, among those whom may not need to know the details, is not sound strategy.”

Yhtrin asks, “And should we see results from this mission quickly?”

Neovik says, “If it cost me the election not revealing it then so be it. I would risk my life for this town. As long as this town is safe. That’s all that matters to me.”

Yhtrin says, “Surely you can say aloud wether or not you intend to deal with the Queen sooner than later.”

Neovik says, “I would even like to talk to the organizations ahead of time to tell them my plans in secret.”

The crowd murmurs loudly. A man hollers something indiscernible from the back.

Neovik says, “I think that man needs another drink back there.”

(Claudaro orders an ale and passes it back to the man in the back.)

Neovik exclaims, “Hey there!”

Speaking to Giffaxe, Neovik asks, “Got a question for me?”

Neovik asks, “Or idea?”

Giffaxe says, “Yes sir.”

Giffaxe asks, “As some of you may know, I have just return to this land after being away for a long time. I remember Icemule as a place full of people. It seems smaller, now. Do you have a plan to help build up the polulation of Icemuel?”

Giffaxe says, “Thank you.”

Someone shouts, “No! Keep our community small and friendly!” Another voice shouts, “No! Bring ’em in! Tourists and citizens! Open the borders!” The crowd gets louder as more drinks are consumed.

Speaking to Giffaxe, Neovik says, “I think once we make Icemule a safer place again it will help bring more trade back to this town. I feel like ICICLE also has a lot of improvements that they have coming as well. Outside of the defense of the town as well that will attract people here.”

Giffaxe says, “Thank you for your answer.”

(Claudaro goes over to the hostess and asks her to pour weaker drinks for those in the back.)

Neovik says, “The Embassy will help quite a bit.”

Neovik says, “Once we get rid of the Queen and her minions that will make things so much better.”

Neovik says, “That way we can focus on everything else that’s important to this town.”

Neovik says, “We will also need to work with the Landing to help secure the trail.”

Neovik says, “That will also assist in keeping traders safe.”

Neovik says, “We’ll have to improve upon our alliances with our neighbors for the overall safety of the region.”

A trader pops her head in and exclaims, “Here here!”

Yhtrin asks, “Do you have any particular plans to foster these alliances?”

Speaking to Igerone, Neovik asks, “Where are the fireworks?”

Neovik snickers.
Yhtrin asks, “If you can talk about anything specific…?”
Yhtrin grins.
Igerone gazes heavenward.

Igerone says, “Er, we’re inside, youngin’.”

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik says, “I want to reach out to the Landing leadership as a start.”

Neovik says, “One of the good things that will come in handy is that we already have ambassadors to some of the towns. Thanks to ICICLE.”

Neovik says, “I’ll be working with them pretty closely to see what we can do to improve relations.”

Speaking melodically to Neovik, Jalodg says, “I has a little-types question.”

Speaking melodically to Neovik, Jalodg exclaims, “My waters tastes great with infusions of lime but I thinks if coulds be sparklied ups!”

Speaking melodically to Neovik, Jalodg asks, “Thinks we could researchings on how to put bubbles into my stilly, but tasty, water??”

Jalodg shows Neovik his lime-infused water.

Speaking to Claudaro, Neovik exclaims, “Sparkle it up!”

Neovik snickers.
Igerone glances at Jalodg.
Jalodg breaks out in a sweat.
Jalodg shows Neovik his lime-infused water.
Claudaro smirks.
Neovik smiles.

Speaking to Claudaro, Neovik asks, “Think you can sparkle it up with magicks?”

Claudaro says, “Oh, I thought you meant YOU.”

Speaking to Jalodg, Noknok suggests, “Or get a straw and blowing into it.”

Claudaro grins at Neovik.
(Jalodg backs away slowly but still seeming genuine.)
Neovik ducks his head.

Speaking melodically to Noknok, Jalodg exclaims, “I trieds thats!”

Jalodg melodically says, “I thinks we needs some specials alchemy type knowledgy.”

Speaking to Neovik, Yhtrin says, “You seem to be relying quite heavily on this ICICLE group. Are you affiliated with them? Who are they for those that don.”

Yhtrin coughs.

Yhtrin says, “Don’t know.”

Jalodg melodically exclaims, “Anyway. I thinks we could be known for being the firsts to does it!”

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik says, “I’ll be affiliated with any group that is here to help make Icemule great.”

Neovik says, “All groups will be open to approach me with their ideas.”

Neovik says, “Now or whenver. I’m free to talk whenever they have time.”

Yhtrin says, “That…didn’t exactly answer my question.”

Claudaro says, “If you do not know about ICICLE, there are several representatives here who may prefer to speak for themselves as to what they are about, rather than though him.”

Claudaro smiles at Yhtrin.

Speaking to Claudaro, Yhtrin says, “Oh? I thought it was his night to speak. My apologies.”

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik says, “I’m not currently a member or anything. But I have attended one of their meetings recently. They do great work and it’s worth talking about it.”

Yhtrin nods at Neovik.

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik says, “I plan to work very closely with them.”

Neovik says, “And any other organization.”

Neovik exclaims, “Anything for a more united Icemule!”

A halfling child escapes his mother’s grasp and lights a series of firecrackers! The fuse burns quickly and then BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! They explode in rapid succession. The noise is deafening for a moment.

Speaking softly to Yhtrin, Dirvy interrupts, “We worked with Mayor Nihala prior to her death.”

Neovik exclaims, “Need a healer!”

Noknok gasps in terrified panic, trembling and flailing her arms about!
Thailmore winces.

Speaking deeply to Neovik, Niful asks, “Do you have any plans for after the Queen?”

Neovik nods at Niful.

Speaking to Niful, Neovik says, “For now I want to continue to support the active projects that are currently going and before we take on any other projects.”

Claudaro says, “Folks, a reminder, please let me know when you have a question to ask, there are some folks patiently waiting their turn, I will make your question known for Neovik to call on you when it’s your turn.”

Neovik says, “Oh sorry.”

Neovik ducks his head.

Speaking to Neovik, Zebarian asks, “Which projects do you think are most pressing?”

Zebarian exclaims, “Sorry!”

Speaking to Claudaro, Neovik asks, “Who had that question?”

Claudaro says, “Our friend Lornieh here, had a question waiting.”

Neovik waves to Lornieh.

Lornieh asks, “Forgive me, I came a few minutes late, so I apologize if it’s already been asked…. but two part question, what would you say is your greatest strength and your greatest challenge or fault?”

Igerone says, “Good question.”

Igerone nods at Lornieh.

Claudaro says, “I’d say his greatest challange is not hitting his head walking around this town…”

Claudaro smiles.
Lornieh chuckles.
Noknok cackles!

Noknok says, “Is big.”

Noknok nods.
Neovik begins chuckling at Claudaro!

Neovik says, “One of my greatest strength is that I’m an extremely persistent person who will do whatever I can do to see things through no matter what. It’ll probably be the death of me.”

Neovik says, “I would risk my life for the success of this town.”

Neovik says, “As Mayor I would put the town first above my own life.”

Neovik says, “And apparently bacon might be the death of me.”

Lornieh says, “You and Ferrumus.”

Lornieh grins at Neovik.

With his cast iron skillet firmly in hand, Thailmore begins to briskly rub the side of the pan. Within moments, sizzling noises fill the air, and the aroma of bacon pervades the area. As he stops rubbing the pan, the crackling noise fades away, but the scent remains.
Noknok drools at Thailmore!

Neovik says, “There was a second part too.”

Noknok says, “Eggs.”

Neovik begins chuckling at Noknok!

Neovik says, “One of my greatest challenges.”

Neovik says, “Hmm…”

Lornieh says, “I know they’re probably aren’t many.”

Lornieh chuckles.
Neovik laughs at Lornieh!

Neovik says, “Oh there have been quite a bit.”

Neovik says, “When I first came into this town a long time ago. I was a River Rat. It was a challenge at first becoming part of the town.”

Neovik says, “The Deputy even through me in jail a few times.”

Neovik says, “But eventually I turned things around and became a better person.”

Yhtrin murmurs, “River rat.”

Neovik says, “And did what I could to help fight the Warden.”

Neovik says, “And became a better person out of it all in the end.”

Neovik says, “Icemule became my home.”

Neovik says, “My favorite place. I never thought I would say that after being a River Rat for so long.”

Neovik says, “So maybe my challenge was the Deputy.”

Neovik says, “He’s mean.”

Neovik snickers.

Speaking to Laelithonel, Neovik says, “Not eating bacon every day is a challenge too.”

Neovik nods at Laelithonel.
Neovik chuckles.

Lornieh says, “Mmm, bacon.”

Speaking to Lornieh, Neovik says, “Hopefully that answer the question.”

Neovik snickers.

Claudaro says, “I believe Zebarian is up next, if you are done with that question.”

Speaking to Neovik, Lornieh says, “Yes it did, thank you.”

Neovik nods in greeting at Zebarian.
Zebarian nods at Neovik.

Zebarian exclaims, “Thank you. Sorry I was late. I couldn’t find the pub! I am very new to the lands, and Icemule. What do you plan to do to help us new folk figure out which way is up? I keep slipping on my bottom every time I leave the gates!”

Neovik exclaims, “Hey there!”

Neovik begins chuckling at Zebarian!

Speaking to Zebarian, Neovik says, “We have a pretty good group of people here in Icemule. Everyone is extremely helpful to each other.”

Laelithonel rummages around in her pockets.
Several inebriated folks demonstrate slipping on the ice outside town, roaring with laughter at each other.
Neovik laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Speaking to Neovik, Yhtrin asks, “What do you plan to do about the lack of Empaths in town?”

Yhtrin grins at Neovik.
Claudaro glances at Yhtrin.

Giffaxe says, “Good point.”

Claudaro says, “If you have a question, please let me know, there are others waiting patiently.”

Speaking to Zebarian, Neovik says, “I’m always here to answer any questions to help out or do anything. Usually if you hang out in Town Center someone is always about to help.”

Speaking to Yhtrin, Lornieh asks, “When will you start following directions?”

Neovik says, “I think the mentors are usually about too.”
Lornieh smiles.

Speaking to Claudaro, Yhtrin says, “My apologies.”

Zebarian says, “Oh I have more to learn it seems.”

Speaking to Lornieh, Yhtrin asks, “Hmm, when you put it that way why would I bother?”

Speaking to Zebarian, Neovik says, “If you want I can help out afterwards and we can talk.”

Neovik smiles.
Lornieh begins chuckling at Yhtrin!
Lornieh shakes her head.
Zebarian bows to Neovik.
Neovik forcefully crosses one arm over his black leather coat-of-plates, and offers a formal bow.

Speaking to Neovik, Zebarian exclaims, “Thank you! I may take you up on that!”

Neovik nods.
Neovik smiles at Dirvy.

Speaking to Dirvy, Neovik asks, “I hear you have a question for me?”

Speaking softly to Neovik, Dirvy asks, “People seem curious as to why you keep mentioning ICICLE and why you would be associated with us. I realize there are a lot of newcomers to Icemule who are unfamiliar with our work, but we have been around for half a year, working to improve Icemule. My question is in two parts. How important is it to you to carry on Nihala Winterberry’s legacy, by working with a group that was formed to aid the Mayor’s office, in the hopes of improving the lives of Icemule citizens and visitors? And despite Daukhera Darkflorr’s presence in Icemule, how important is it to Icemule’s morale that these improvements continue, whether they are fortifying the wall defenses or renovating a shop?”

Speaking to Dirvy, Neovik says, “Continuing Mayor Nihala’s work is extremely important to me. I’ve known her for quite some time and helped assist her in fighting Kubilew.”

Speaking to Dirvy, Neovik says, “It is extremely important that we continue to carry out that work. Town defenses come first but all the other improvements are improtant.”

Neovik says, “You guys are making it a bit easier at laying a plan forward for the next Mayor.”

Neovik chuckles.
Dirvy nods at Neovik.
Dirvy smiles at Neovik.

Neovik says, “I would want to help focus on that and assist you guys in any way possible.”

Speaking softly to Neovik, Dirvy says, “ICICLE welcomes the input and assistance of all who are interested, always.”

Neovik says, “The citizens of this town will appreciate all the work your organization has put into this town.”

Speaking softly to Neovik, Dirvy says, “Thank you for answering my questions.”

Neovik says, “Just the thought of all those improvements alone will help the morale of this town with something to look forward to.”

Neovik bows to Dirvy.

In the scope of her current pose, Dirvy executes a strange and awkward curtsy. Upon completion, she buries her face in the fabric of an ice blue traveling gown of subtly cascading snowflake lace layers in an attempt to hide her expression.

Neovik nods at Anditus.

Speaking to Anditus, Neovik asks, “Hey there! have a question for me?”

Speaking to Neovik, Anditus asks, “Your slogan here talks about a Higher Vision, what is your vision?”

Speaking to Anditus, Claudaro says, “He’s just really tall.”

Claudaro chuckles.
Neovik nods at Claudaro.
Lornieh begins chuckling at Claudaro!
Enestrie grins at Claudaro.

Speaking to Claudaro, Neovik says, “Pretty much.”

Neovik snickers.

Neovik says, “I’m definitely in no way higher other than that.”

Anditus frowns.

Pietra amusedly says, “Puns are always good.”

Neovik says, “For the most part it’s just my vision of a safe Icemule.”

Anditus asks, “So if you are just going to do what ICICLE wants, couldn’t anyone fill that position?”

Dirvy raises an eyebrow in Anditus’s direction.

Neovik says, “I want our citizens to be safe at night when they sleep.”

Taelarn nods at Anditus.
Enestrie smiles at Anditus.
Noknok crosses her eyes.

Speaking to Anditus, Neovik says, “One of my plans is to form a Militia for the town.”

Speaking to Anditus, Neovik says, “I want this town to have it’s own Militia to work with all of the organizations that keep this town safe on a daily basis.”

Ferrumus nods approvingly.

Speaking to Anditus, Neovik says, “Once we address the safety of this town and boot out the Queen I want to look into other plans to keep our town safe from any future threats.”

Anditus asks, “Such as?”

Neovik says, “I want to look into acquring more weaponary that we can use during invasions.”

Neovik says, “Hopefully if I can procure what I want to fight against the Queen.”

Neovik says, “It’ll also come in handy in the future.”

Neovik grins.

Igerone exclaims, “We have time for three er four more questions!”

Neovik says, “But overall a safe Icemule is good for trade.”

Claudaro says, “Please let me know if you’d like to ask a question still, I’m keeping a list so that everyone gets their fair turn.”

Neovik nods.

Neovik asks, “Ythrin next?”

Yhtrin asks, “A simple question, this time. What makes you different from the other candidates?”

Neovik says, “Well I know a couple of candiates are in support of the Queen. I’m definitely in no way alike in that aspect.”

Yhtrin peers quizzically at Neovik.
Lornieh lets out a cheer!
Selaesia nods approvingly at Neovik.
Noknok nods in agreement.
Laralana nods approvingly.

Speaking to Yhtrin, Neovik says, “I’m here to risk my life for Icemule. I don’t know how far the other candidates will go.”

Neovik says, “And I’m sure they all have the best interest of Icemule in mind as well.”

Igerone exclaims, “Three cheers for our candidate fieldin’ the tough questions!”

Neovik says, “We just have different paths at accomplishing it.”

Igerone lets out a cheer!
Enestrie lets out a cheer!
Enestrie lets out a cheer!
Enestrie lets out a cheer!
Claudaro lets out a cheer!
Lornieh lets out a cheer!
Igerone applauds.
Authriea lets out a cheer!
Neovik smiles.
Jalodg applauds.
Aranrhod smiles.
You hear a flawless imitation of the hoot of a barn owl come from Jalodg!
Ferrumus lets out a cheer!
Laelithonel whistles at Neovik!
Neovik forcefully crosses one arm over his black leather coat-of-plates, and offers a formal bow.
Yhtrin applauds.
Jalodg raises his lime-infused water in a toast!
Pietra applauds.
Noknok lets out a cheer!
Noknok lets out a cheer!
Noknok lets out a cheer!
Taelarn applauds.
Ferrumus belches.
Laralana applauds Neovik.
Kilded applauds.
Laralana smiles at Neovik.

Neovik asks, “Thanks for coming everyone. I hope everyone got drinks. Also if there are any other people that have questions?”

Claudaro says, “I’m sorry to those who didn’t get the chance to ask your questions.”

Speaking to Claudaro, Igerone asks, “Who all’s left to ask a question?”

Claudaro says, “We had two folks left.”

Claudaro says, “Taelarn, and Aranrhod.”

Taelarn says, “I had a simple question really.”

Neovik asks, “Let’s hear them?”

Neovik smiles.

Igerone says, “Tell ya what. Let’s give ‘im a break fer a minute, pass out pins, and those who have a final question er two can stick around.”

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn asks, “You claim you seek to improve the life of those who live here in Icemule. My partner and I have recently taken up residence, but we aren’t citizens, will you still wish to help us and how do you seek to encourage more people to come here? Will youy use commerce, or some other method to encourage people to travel to Icemule?”

Claudaro smiles.

Speaking to Igerone, Taelarn says, “I am alright with that as well.”

Ferrumus deeply says, “Ooo great question…”

Speaking to Taelarn, Neovik says, “Keep all people safe here in Icemule is very important. If you aren’t a citizen you definitely won’t be left out in my plans.”

Neovik says, “With a safe Icemule we’ll continue to improve trade.”

Taelarn raises an eyebrow.
Neovik coughs.

Speaking to Taelarn, Neovik asks, “So what encouraged you and your partner to move to Icemule?”

Claudaro offers Neovik a flagon of blackdew grog.
Neovik grins at Claudaro.
Neovik accepts Claudaro’s blackdew grog.

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn says, “It was a change for us.”

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn says, “We wanted some place new to ply our own trades, and we had tired of the town we were in.”

Taelarn shrugs.
Claudaro grins.
Neovik ducks his head.

Speaking to Taelarn, Neovik says, “We can talk afterwards some more.”

Neovik asks, “Would anyone like any badges first?”

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn says, “That’s fine. We’ve been around and will continue to be so.”

Neovik nods at Taelarn.

Laralana taps a phalanx of crested shields badge that reads, “Vote for Neovik, the Guardian of Icemule Trace!” that she is wearing.

Claudaro says, “It’s a shame one of those puppets of the pretender didn’t show up, we could place a pin on it and send it back to her royal craziness.”

Claudaro grins at Neovik.
Neovik grins at Claudaro.
Noknok snickers.
Thailmore laughs!
Lornieh begins chuckling at Claudaro!
Thailmore grins.

Yhtrin says, “The night is young.”

Igerone exclaims, “I’m callin’ it a night, youngins. Congrats on a good rally to Neovik! Enoy yer campaign!”

Yhtrin says, “I have to say, I am concerned to hear some of the candidates are supporting this Queen.”

Claudaro nods at Yhtrin.

Claudaro says, “If I recall from opening night, three of them are.”

Claudaro says, “Neovik and Joskins were the only two whom I recall speaking out against her.”

Yhtrin nods at Claudaro.

Taelarn says, “A shame. I have said since the start that this.”

Taelarn says, “Queen…will be problems for the new Mayor.”

Neovik nods at Taelarn.

Speaking to Taelarn, Neovik says, “Once we get rid of her things will be much better.”

Dirvy softly says, “Well, some citizens and visitors think she is just misunderstood. However, you would not hug a crocodile that continues to bite you.”

Neovik starts chuckling at Dirvy!
Jalodg agrees with Dirvy.
Selaesia grins.
You shrug at Neovik.

Speaking to you, Thailmore says, “I prolly would.”
Selaesia agrees with Dirvy.

Selaesia grins at Thailmore.

Speaking softly to Thailmore, Dirvy says, “Yes, you probably would.”

Claudaro nods to Dirvy.
Thailmore starts chortling.
Laralana chuckles.

Jalodg melodically says, “Issy handles with brains and diplomacies, likes my mamie woulds always say.”

Lornieh says, “Not sure how you can misunderstand a demon sicked on you.”

Claudaro says, “If she wants to be understood, she should send less hordes to attack us.”

Speaking to Taelarn, Neovik says, “I feel like this town will flourish once we get it’s safety under control. Trade will pick up.”

Laralana bursts out in a sudden snort of laughter.
Claudaro chuckles.

Taelarn says, “It’s also disheartening that anyone aligned with the town wouldn’t be wary of some stranger, a powerful one too, coming in and claiming a title and requiring certain respect without earning it.”

Ferrumus chuckles.
Lornieh agrees with Taelarn.
Laralana agrees with Taelarn.

Neovik says, “A Queen shouldn’t have to proclaim herself as queen if she is a queen.”

Neovik snickers.

Lornieh says, “Respect is earned, not demanded.”

Speaking melodically to Taelarn, Jalodg says, “Her family goes wayings back in Iceymule, she claimings.”

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn says, “I agree, but there has been a great deal of upheaval here and I am sure that that causes many to stay away.”

Neovik nods at Lornieh.

Laelithonel says, “Hidulah had a nice bite.”

Laelithonel nods at Neovik.
Selaesia agrees with Lornieh.
Kittai agrees with Neovik.

Jalodg melodically says, “Lotsa histories there to discover closer.”

Laelithonel says, “But needed help in th’end.”

Taelarn nods in agreement.

Laelithonel says, “Despite th’blood shed.”

Neovik nods at Taelarn.

Speaking nervously to Neovik, Noknok says, “Is hoping you is living still on election day, and not just a head decorating a spike.”

Taelarn says, “Aside from the fact that she demands respect, she is obviously searching for something.”

Neovik begins chuckling at Noknok!
Noknok gulps.

Speaking to Neovik, Merekka asks, “How’re you gonna deal with What’s her name, the fake queen?”

Laelithonel says, “An’in th’end we helped her.”

Laelithonel sighs.
Laralana glances at Noknok.
Laralana’s face turns slightly pale.

Laelithonel says, “But nobody thinks of such things anymore.”
Thailmore just arrived.

Claudaro says, “He’ll be alive, he’s survived me thus far, some crazed witch won’t do him in.”

Claudaro grins at Noknok.

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn says, “Yes, you have courage at the very least. Standing up and proclaiming that you wish to run this town as Mayor takes a modicum of bravery.”

Enestrie grins at Claudaro.

Jalodg melodically says, “Goods nightsy for now my friendies.”

Neovik says, “Once we deal with the Queen. The good news will be heard by everyone and trade will pick up again.”

Neovik says, “We just have to make sure that we deter any future threats with our resolve.”

Speaking to Enestrie, Laelithonel says, “She was a wicked thing. We fought her to th’bitter end an’at th’end it was jus’ sad.”

Laelithonel says, “She needed more help than anyone knew.”

Enestrie nods at Laelithonel.

Claudaro says, “Thank you all for coming out.”

Speaking to Merekka, Neovik says, “That’s a secret for now.”

Speaking to Neovik, Taelarn says, “Thank you for your time.”

Neovik grins at Merekka.

Claudaro says, “Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or comments for him.”

Neovik exclaims, “Thanks everyone!”

Laelithonel says, “An’she walked back out through our gates peacefully in th’end.”

Enestrie nods at Laelithonel.

Speaking to Neovik, Laralana exclaims, “It’s been a pleasure. Thanks so much!”

Speaking softly to Neovik, Dirvy says, “Thank you for taking the time to answer questions tonight. You gave everyone some very valuable information as to your plans for Icemule.”

Lornieh nods in agreement at Neovik.

Neovik exclaims, “Thank you for coming out!”

Neovik smiles at Dirvy.

Speaking to Dirvy, Neovik says, “Thanks for coming! I hope to attend more meetings.”

Neovik nods to Dirvy.
Ferrumus smiles.
Claudaro ponders.
Neovik takes a drink from his blackdew grog.

Claudaro says, “So…”

Claudaro glances at Neovik.

Claudaro asks, “Do you still want to win?”

Claudaro begins chuckling at Neovik!

Neovik nods at Claudaro.

Neovik exclaims, “Of course!”

Lady Dirvy Britbane

Matriarch of the Britbane Family
Executrix of House Sovyn
Chairwoman of ICICLE


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