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Necios Lists Conclusion and Final Scores for Icemule Mayoral Election Games 5118

GM Necios gives us the final Election Games status for Icemule Mayoral Candidates, and reminds Icemule Citizens to VOTE! Polls close at Midnight, July 20th. Announcement of the new Mayor will be at the Ball on Friday at White Haven. It’ll start around 9:30pm.

Category: Towns
Topic: Announcements

Date: 06/19/2018 03:48 PM CDT
Subj: Contests conclude with "Manic Mayor Mission" and an invitation to the Inaugural Ball at White Haven!
Last night, our five fantastic contestants raced across the lands in an exercise of speed, resourcefulness, and diplomacy in a scavenger hunt full of frustration and fun!

They were off with the BOOM of a firework at 9:40pm elven!

Contestants were timed and penalized for any item they did not have on their lists from Icemule, the Landing, or Solhaven by one minute for the first, two minutes for the second, three minutes for the third, and so on. Here are their arrival times results!

Kilded: 10:16pm. Penalties: +1 (36 + 1 = 37 mins total.) (5 votes)
Joskin: 10:18pm. Penalties: 0 (38 mins total.) (3 votes)
Tawariell: 10:38pm. Penalties: +1 (58 + 1 = 59 mins total.) (1 vote)
Sabotage: 10:39pm. Penalties: +1 +2 +3 (59 + 6 = 65 mins total.)
Neovik 10:58pm. Penalties: +1 (78 + 1 = 79 mins total.)

Here is the grand total of votes earned for placing in the contests, and all candidates will have the votes they earned added to their final tallies! Remember that real votes count, too, so keep bugging everyone to vote for you. It could still be any woman, man, or monster’s game!

If you’ve been keeping up with the other games, this will make slightly more sense. By barely a smidge, Tawariell is the overall winner of the contests! CONGRATS! Besides the votes, she earns nothing but eternal fame and glory, but still! 😉

Tawariell (3+3+5+1) = 12 extra votes
Joskin (5+3+3) = 11 extra votes
Kilded (3+3+5) = 11 extra votes
Neovik = 5 extra votes
Sabotage = 1 extra vote

Reminder: Voting is open on North and South Road to citizens until Leyan, 20 Lumnea (Wednesday, June 20) at 11:59pm elven! (I may have previously said Tilamaires/Tuesday; this was incorrect.)

Reminder: White Haven is kindly opening their cooperative house to host the Inaugural Ball! Doors will open on Day of the Huntress, 22 Lumnea (Friday, June 22) at 9:30pm elven, with the Mayoral announcement to follow around 10pm. This is a formal event, so please dress appropriately and keep your weapons and other combat equipment stowed!

See you there, and thanks again to all the contestants for their hard work and dedication to this race! The other GMs and I that were involved have had a blast, and hopefully you have as well.

FGM Necios
Overlord of Icemule Trace
Subscriptions team flunky
Champion of subject/verb agreement

Svardin recites:

“Two, Four, Six, Eight!
Who should we obliterate?
Go Icemule!”

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