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Mayor Tawariell Invites Queen To Council

Mayor Tawariell sends a written invitation to Her Royal Majeticalness, Daukhera, inviting her to sit on the Mayoral Advisory Council of Icemule Trace. Or, you know, a suitable representative should Herself have too full of a schedule. Also, a meeting of the council is called for August 1 at 8pm for all members.

Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace

Date: 07/23/2018 04:03 PM CDT
Subj: The Mayor Writes to Queen Daukhera and Calls a Meeting…
Tawariell drums her fingers against a polished cherrywood table, countenance pensive and brow furrowed.
“How to be delicate…”she muses to herself, twirling her quill in an absentminded fashion.
After a moment she hunches over and begins to scrawl across a clean sheet of ivory vellum…

To Her Majesty Queen Daukhera Darkflorr,

This missive has been sent to you as an invitation to serve on the Mayoral Advisory Council of Icemule Trace.
If the position is neither suitable, nor are you able, you may send a representative in your stead.

Signed by my Hand,
Tawariell Andrenae, Mayor of Icemule Trace

The half-Sylvan heaves an exasperated sigh and folds the vellum, tucking it into an envelope before sealing it and setting it aside.
She then dips her quill into the smoky glaes inkpot nearby and writes a second letter, making a few copies to be delivered to the Councilmembers…

Greetings Councilmember,

Now that we have come to an agreement on representatives, I feel that it is time to get to work. I would like to gather the Council on the First of Phoenatos, at eight o’clock Elven so that we may begin to discuss the betterment of Icemule Trace. We will decide on a location to hold the meeting, at that time. I very much look forward to getting together with all of you and seeing what your imaginations and skills bring to the table.

– Tawariell Andrenae, Mayor of Icemule Trace

Folding and tucking each sheet into their respective envelopes, Tawariell then hands the stack to Cellera who promptly heads out the door to ensure their delivery.


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