Before Ebon Gate ends, remember to:

  1. Shop – Check over the Buyer’s Choice at the wiki to make sure you did not forget any of the most popular items, and use the wiki’s shop listings to look every little thing over one last time.
  2. Recharge your Carousel with the Incanter (who wanders the festival grounds)
  3. Stock up on forging needs at The Gouged Heart.
  4. Buy the unlocks and items that can ONLY be purchased at Ebon Gate
  5. Permify all the things at the Garden of the Antiquarian Manor.
  6. Raffle tokens expire with this Ebon Gate. The last drawing is the 28th, and your last chance to sell them for some pittance of soul shards is the 30th. Look for the gjenganger in the sitting room at Gavelsdown Hall, he buys them for 10 shards.
  7. Bring home unique familiars, companions, and spirit beasts from Evermore Hollow.
  8. Pick and/or buy the unique horticulture, flora, and bugs of Naidem.
  9. Charge up your Necrotic Ring in the Arena.
  10. Buy your Ebon Gate gems and those really extra preciously-priced uncut gems that can only be found here.
  11. Make a run through the Necropolis with your adventuring buddies, buy your urglaes thumb-ring for 10,000 shards and get it started on the +1 enhancive for this year. (officially called The Crooked Thumb)
  12. Don’t forget to use your flare tokens, or you’ll be waiting a year to use them. GMs have stated common/uncommon flares are moving out of Duskruin to EG only.
  13. While we did not see a list of shops that will not return next year, there’s really no promise. Stuff happens. Get it while you see it!
  14. Don’t forget to buy the consumables you will need for doing all the things on your new EG purchases.
  15. Stash your candy in a Trick or Treat candy bag while you can still buy one, then combine, sort, and convert them according to the wiki page any time you are ready.
  16. Deal With Your Items. Be sure to pick up your storage devices at the EG Shops for gems, plants, perfumes, chrisms, food, etc, and then get everything OUT of your backpack before hunting.
  17. OK, so there’s more!Don’t forget to get your enhancive swapping, charging, etc done with Sylinar!
  18. Turn your special coins into experience orbs at the wishing well!


Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel on Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.