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Icemule’s New Mayor Inks A Letter

Icemule’s new Mayor Tawariell writes a letter to the organizations of Icemule Trace, asking for representatives on the Mayoral Cabinet.

Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace

Date: 06/26/2018 11:15 AM CDT
Subj: The Mayor Inks A Letter…
A light flickers from within the cozy cabin, tucked away under the snowy canopy of Icemule’s outlying neightborhood. Inside, a fireplace quietly roars, its flames casting shadows that dance in a rhythmic tandem with the fiery tendrils, lighting just enough of the small space to see against the early hours of the morning.
Tawariell sits a polished cherrywood table stacked high with piles of paperwork, envelopes haphazardly scattered about. Brow pensive, she leans over her work, busying herself writing this and trying to sign off on that. In just a few short days the amount of things that needed done had drastically increased. The half-sylvan sighs and sets her quill aside, wiping at her eyes a moment before glancing up at her companions.
Laelithonel was curled up in her featherbed, tucked under downy covers with her head propped against a gnarled post. A frost-white pudgy snowcat kitten was curled beside her. Kittai was to her left sunken into a plush armchair, hands folded in lap. A massive midnight black panther lay at her feet, growling through its snoring.
“Will you wake them, my Lady?” asked Cellera, her handmaiden.
“No. Not yet.” Tawariell shook her head. “Let them sleep. I will give them the news later.”
“News, my Lady?” Cellera tilted her head, leaning on her broomstick.
“Aye,” Tawariell looked to her sleeping friends, smiling, “Th’news that they will be my right and left hand in all o’this. The Advisors of m’cabinet.”
“And of the rest, my Lady?”
Tapping a clean sheet of vellum, Tawariell picks up the quill beside it, nodding absentmindedly.
“The rest will find out as soon as you deliver these letters for me. One moment, while I ink this.”
Sweeping stray carnelian locks from her face the half-sylvan turns her attention to the parchment before her and begins to write:

To the Organizations of Icemule Trace,

We are in a time of great need, and therefore it is time to get down to business.
I am calling upon each of you to decide for yourselves who will represent you on the Mayoral Cabinet. Please, as soon as conceivably possible, vote on a representative of your Organization and send a letter of response entailing whom it is to be.
The quicker this is done, the sooner we can begin towards a more prosperous and progressive Icemule. I thank you all for the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to our community already and I look forward to working with you all further in times to come.

Tawariell Andrenae, Mayor of Icemule Trace

Giving it a once-over, Tawariell carefully inks the same on a few more pieces of vellum before folding them into envelopes. She sighs and seals the small stack before handing it off to Cellera who places it in her satchel for safe-keeping.
“Make haste,” Tawariell instructs, “I want them delivered b’fore dawn so tha’ we may get reponses early enough.” She leans back in her armchair, lacing her fingers around a warm cup of tea.
“At once, my Lady.” Cellera curtsies to Tawariell, stepping towards the door. She turns back a moment to look at her Mistress. “But what of the Queen’s letter?”
“Ah yes,” Tawariell chuckles and sips her tea, “Her I shall deal with later.”
Cellera nods understandingly and opens the knotted modwir door, disappearing into the dark.

Date: 06/27/2018 12:25 AM CDT
Subj: Re: The Mayor Inks A Letter…
Cellera hears a knock at the door, and opens it to find Hilytha Meirityn, the Britbane housekeeper. Hilytha gives a respectful curtsy, before offering the handmaiden a ribbon-bound, rolled parchment, bearing an icicle-edged winter rose in full bloom impression in the ice blue wax. Cellera bids Ms. Meirityn good evening, and closes the door behind herself.

She seeks out Tawariell, delivering the parchment to her. Settling in her chair, Tawariell removes the ribbon and unfurls the missive…

The 27th of Lumnea 5118
Mayor Andrenae,
This letter is to inform you that ICICLE has chosen Chairwoman Dirvy Britbane to represent them on the Mayoral Cabinet. Please contact Lady Britbane at your convenience.
Lord Zailon Britbane Faendryl
Scribe of ICICLE


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