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Icemule Mayoral Games Have Begun

GM Necios declares the Candidate Games have started in Icemule! The first one, Fists of Justice, was Saturday Night. The second one is Just Desserts, a “special” present for the Queen – the poor candidates! He also warns that Queenie Herself will possibly be around multiple times this week. He’s got more “good” news at the Officials:

Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace

Date: 06/09/2018 11:42 PM CDT
Subj: IMT Mayoral Games Have Begun!
Tonight marked the first in a series of games to determine which candidates could be the all-around most fit for the position of Mayor! The prize? Extra votes for the top three contenders, of course!

As we Icemulers love to do, we headed to the Icehouse Tavern for “Fists of Justice” to settle who is right and who is wrong. The competitors were eliminated in rounds after collapsing in a heap! Neovik was left standing at the end, claiming his victory and being named Icehouse Champion.

The results were:
1: Neovik (5 votes)
2: Tawariell (3 votes)
3: Sabotage (1 vote)
4: Joskin
5: Kilded

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the candidates and participate in the post-contest skirmish! Lady Befionn the Town Censor had a blast hosting it, and she sends her regards, hoping to see everyone at the gala as she begins working on setting up the voting booths.

Candidates, the next contest is called “Just Desserts” and that could be a bit of a misnomer. This is game of creativity and strategy as it is a judged contest. The objective is to prepare a “gift” for Queen Daukhera that fits into the theme of “Just Desserts.” I use the terms “gift” and “Just Desserts” loosely. Your “gift” does not have to be a physical object; it could be an interpretive dance or a scavenger hunt or a quest for the Queen to complete. “Just Desserts” does not require that you bring food. Use your imagination and the various ways “Just Desserts” can be interpreted! Use what you know about her to lead her on if you need to!

You do not have to present something that the Queen will like if you do not like her. Be prepared for retribution, of course! We know how volatile she can be. But the Queen’s opinion will not count against your score.

Members of ICICLE will be asked to judge this contest. You can earn a maximum of 15 points: 5 for originality, 5 for presentation, and 5 for relevance to the theme. You ARE allowed to ask your friends or campaign managers for help on this task. You ARE allowed to use other people for props if required. You ARE allowed to ACT your “gift” doing something like blowing up in the Queen’s face… but you may not ACT that she dies. Be realistic.

It is rumored that the Queen will make multiple appearances this week. Her first appearance might be around 10pm elven on Tilamaires. The giantess sent word to her that the town will shower her with gifts… we are sneaky ones, aren’t we? Candidates, please try to have your “gifts” ready quickly this week so we can move on to the third and fourth competitions.

Thanks to all who helped us pull this first contest off, especially several folks behind the scenes (you know who you are)! Looking forward to seeing these “gifts” and to what comes next. 🙂

FGM Necios
Overlord of Icemule Trace
Subscriptions team flunky
Champion of subject/verb agreement

Svardin recites:

“Two, Four, Six, Eight!
Who should we obliterate?
Go Icemule!”


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