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Daukhera Gets Her Just Desserts Plus Icy Elegance is Next

GM Necios sums up the Election Contest status and introduces the next one, “Icy Elegance” (an ice skating contest), scheduled for Thursday, June 14 (TODAY!) at 10:30pm with Kilded and Neovik and Sunday, June 17 at 2pm for Joskin and Tawariell.

Category: Towns
Topic: Announcements

Date: 06/13/2018 05:44 PM CDT
Subj: Daukhera gets her "Just Desserts," plus "Icy Elegance" coming up
The Mayoral Games are in full swing and the competition is fierce! Last night, a sizeable crowd packed into Tartifacts to watch our beloved Queen’s delight and disappointment at the gifts the candidates presented to her. Little did she know that the candidates were being scored on their originality, presentation, and the theme of “Just Desserts”; she was unwittingly playing a part in politics! Let’s hope she never finds out!

ICICLE officers Dirvy, Enestrie, and Laralana served as judges with Igerone supervising. Big thanks to them! The final results (out of 15 points) were:
1: Joskin (13) (5 votes)
2: Tawariell (11) (tie, 3 votes)
2: Kilded (11) (tie, 3 votes)
4: Neovik (10)
5: Sabotage (7)

After the contest, Miss Goblyn and the Queen met in person for the first time and seemed to find one another… amusing to say the least, and stated intentions to get together again in the near future. Goblyn seemed especially interested in the tale of the missing key to the Queen’s tome and the stories of the Far Market, while the Queen expressed her frustration at Hibbits, who hasn’t been seen in weeks. Who knows what will become of our dear town if this trio unites? Stay tuned!

Our next contest, “Icy Elegance,” will be held at White Haven, Ice Pond on two days due to otherworldly scheduling conflicts. It is an ice skating contest! Players will have 5 minutes to use all the SOLO skating verbs available to them on an ice skating pond ( plus SMILE and ACT. Players are also encouraged to make it a routine by singing, reciting, yelling, or whatever else might fit! Members of White Haven, Northern Fury, and Fenog’s Regulars will judge this competition based on costume (5 points), execution (5 points) and theme (5 points). The theme is important to address! If you’re wearing a summery gown while competing in “Icy Elegance,” well… you might get docked in the theme category! Contestants who go over the 5 minute time limit will lose 1 point. As before, first place earns 5 votes, second 3, third 1. Be sure to get a pair of ice skates!

* Competition day 1: Kilded and Neovik: Niiman, 14 Lumnea (Thursday, June 14) 10:30pm elven
* Competition day 2: Joskin and Tawariell: Restday, 17 Lumnea (Sunday, June 17) 2:00pm elven (Sabotage has declined to participate in this contest)
* In between: Day of the Huntress and Feastday (Friday and Saturday), you should be at Duskruin!

Good luck, candidates, and hope to see more big crowds there supporting Icemule!

FGM Necios
Overlord of Icemule Trace
Subscriptions team flunky
Champion of subject/verb agreement

Svardin recites:

“Two, Four, Six, Eight!
Who should we obliterate?
Go Icemule!”

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