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Candidates Night of Service with MoonShine Manor

Moonshine Manor hosts the two Mayoral Candidates, Leafiara and Lylia, at Service Night on Wednesday at 11pm in the Small Park of the Landing. Bring your needs, let the Candidates help you, and you can give your best to charity for their services.

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 03/04/2018 10:48 PM CST
Subj: Night of Service
Join Moonshine Manor in the Small Park this Wed at 11PM EST for a Night of Service. The night allows the two candidates to provide services of spells, locksmiths etc to gather donations for the charity of their choice. This also allows the candidates an informal event to speak to the public, take questions, and the time to start getting the word out on their platform. To make it a bit more fun we will have a bit of competition to see which candidate can generate the most donations. Winner will get to pick which charity all the donations go to.

See you there, Pup.

Date: 03/07/2018 11:23 PM CST
From: KHARIZ555
Subj: Re: Night of Service
The Moonshine Manor Night of Service went very well! The candidates were asked many questions over the course of the hour that the floor was opened, all the while taking donations for their favorite charity. As Puptilian indicated, this was a bit of a contest with the candidate who took in the most donations choosing which charity to donate ALL of the silvers to (but they tossed in a kink at the end).

The total silvers raised for charity were:

Leafiara – 505,000 silvers
Lylia – 1,204,500 silvers

Leafiara supported the Orphanage, while Lylia supported the Museum. Per the rules above, all 1,709,500 silvers are to be donated to the Museum. But wait, there’s more!. Each candidate also chose to donate 1,000,000 silvers to each other’s charity, bringing the grand total that Moonshine Manor will donate on the candidate’s behalf to EACH charity:

Museum: 2,709,500 silvers
Orphanage: 1,000,000 silvers

Thank you to the candidates and everyone who participated. It was great fun!

-Madmountan, Officer of Moonshine Manor

Date: 03/07/2018 11:52 PM CST
From: KHARIZ555
Subj: Re: Night of Service
…and we had a late donation that I decided to take. 2,000,000 additional silvers were donated to Lylia’s cause. The new totals are as follows:

Museum: 4,709,500 silvers
Orphanage: 1,000,000 silvers

Date: 03/08/2018 06:43 AM CST
Subj: Re: Night of Service
Thank you to everyone and especially thank you to the candidates that showed up. I started this event the first year as a get to know your candidate event. With more groups getting involved with the election process I think its nice to kick off the season with a low key informal warm up. Good luck to both of them as here on out it seems like it will get harder with debates coming up.

Pups player

Date: 03/09/2018 01:44 AM CST
Subj: Re: Night of Service
I wrote up an article on the event, log edited for brevity and clarity.

Roa’ters gonna roa’ter.


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