• Events Today Thursday, February 25, 2021 in GemStone IV

    THURSDAY in Elanthia:

    • 6pm: Xerria’s Really Rare Raffle (Premium)-FWI
    • 7:30pm: Haleen will be spinning for February GALD (Premium)-FWI
    • 9pm: Purl’s GALD (with a twist) in Graveyard Crypt-WL
    • ~9pm: Voln Unlocks go on sale at HESS-DUSKRUIN
    • ~10pm: Treasure Trove-DUSKRUIN

    (All Times Eastern.)

  • FOUND in the Landing Pawshop, Contact Martyle or Ayvain

    FOUND: A nice item was left on the landing pawnshop floor that misses it’s owner. Please PM Martyle or Ayvain with exact information on the lost item to claim it.

  • Haleen GALD Premium February 2021

    PREMIUM: On Thursday February 25 at 7:30pm, Haleen will be visiting the Firefly Villa Merchant Lounge to work for a select few for general services. If you are selected, her spinner will remember you and you will not be eligible for another turn until next month.

  • Oscuro Updates Armor Accessories Information in Loresong and Shops

    UPDATE: GM Oscuro makes an update to Armor Accessories. Their enchanted level in loresong results and shopping inspections will no longer show since it does not actually affect your defensive abilities.

  • RECALL Updated to include all Container Properties

    UPDATE: GM Estild updated RECALL to show container details now with weight, capacity, and weight reduction.

  • Miss Trrixie May Have Contributed Stock for Wyromania

    WYROMANIA TEASER]: The grapevine is buzzing … Miss Trrixie called upon Lahke, who runs the Wyromania events, carrying a suspiciously lumpy package. When she left his place of business, there was no sign of the package.

  • REPOspotlight: ;boatswainsmate For OSA from Peggyanne

    REPOspotlight: There’s a new master script for Open Sea Adventures from Peggyanne, if you liked her OSA companion scripts, shes released a master script to utilize them all. Don’t worry if you don’t have them all, because this new one, ;boatswainsmate, will ask you if you want to download them. ;repository info Boatswainsmate.lic today and conquer the high seas!

  • House Sovyn’s Death Dart Tournament

    EVENT: House Sovyn is hosting a Death Dart Tournament on Saturday, February 27 at 9pm. There will be food, drinks, and prizes. Come and join in the fun. Please meet in the House Sovyn Courtyard.

  • Voln Armor Unlocks Back at Hess For One Last Curtain Call

    DUSRUIN NEWS: More Voln Armor Unlocks are coming to the High End Scrip Shop (HESS) Thursday evening around 9pm. The HESS will close for a brief amount of time while GM Tivvy adds two kinds of Voln unlocks. Unlimited one up to T3 for 50k, and a limited supply one for T3 to T4 for 100k. She adds that this is the last time for Voln Armor Unlocks at the HESS.