• Events Today Thursday, September 21, 2023 in GemStone IV

    THURSDAY’s Schedule of Events in Elanthia:

    • There are only 8 days left before Ebon Gate! Is your bag emptied out yet?
    • 8:30pm: Nations on the Brink Global Storyline-SOL (GS Calendar Info)
    • 9pm: Dice N’Drinks with Dae’Randir-WL (more details)

    (All Times Eastern)

  • Capped: Missandai!

    CAPPED: On September 16th, after 7 years of adventuring, Missandai Brindlebrook met with her trainer a final time. She was surrounded by friends in the Rusty Cutlass when lightning struck from the heavens. She said, ‘Keep your friends close and just have fun!’ Congratulations, Missandai! Be sure to check your MAIL.

  • Basket Found in Icemule Town Center

    FOUND and successfully RETURNED: Someone lost their pretty basket in Icemule Trace Town Center due to the crash at 11:15pm on Wednesday, September 20th. Miss Fyg found and cared for it until the worried owner could be located! This is the spirit of community, folks!

  • The TownCrier Ebon Gate Teasers & News Archive at Wiki

    EBON GATE NEWS TODAY: The TownCrier Presents: The Ebon Gate 5123 Teasers Archive at the wiki.

    Spotlights by date

    21 Sept 2023

    • Costume Contest rescheduled to Oct 1 at 2pm
    • Lip Gloss by Naidem, which includes shapes for your lips!

    20 Sept 2023:

    • A new, improved Dawdley Pot will make a come-back
    • Some shop prices are being adjusted
    • Beautiful new nail lacquers will be featured at Lacquered Ungues, along with
    • The Nail Polish Case (a new -inator!)

    18 Sept 2023:

    New Monday in The Ebon Gate 5123 Teasers Archive at the wiki.

    • The Trove’s New Life (all FIVE Troves) at Ebon Gate
    • Trove delayed services wins will be in a transferrable certificate form.

    17 Sept 2023:

    We’re starting it off with these major announcements from Saturday: 1) Preview from the Entranced Shop: Eyes of the Arkati, incredible new scrying vision disks for your eyes! 2) List of Signature Verbs for general GHOUL prizes-which one do you want to win?! 3) Sylinar is back and will remain the same!

  • Martial Stances and Shield Mind Cooldowns Now Working Properly

    UPDATE: GM Meraki posted a note that a bug related to martial stances and shield mind cooldowns was fixed! The abilities should be working fine now.

    Text of Discord Post follows:

    GM Meraki
    Bug Fix
    on 20 Sep 2023 9:54 PM
    from the Official GemStoneIV Discord
    on #gamemaster-endnotes channel

    A bug related to Martial Stances and Shield Mind cooldowns has been fixed. These abilities should be interacting properly now.
    Direct Discord Link (Right click, copy link, and paste into Discord App if you don’t want to use the Discord web interface.)

  • Populento GALD Premium September 2023

    PREMIUM-ZUL: On Tuesday, September 26 at 9:30am, make your way to the tranquility of the Solano Hall, Night Sky Landing, in Zul Logoth where Populento will do general work for Four Winds Hall members. He offers lightening, deepening, or altering for a modest fee of 25k.

  • The Inquisitors of Ta’Illistim

    WIKI: After recent goings on in Ta’Illistim and the global storyline, you can learn more about these Inquisitors in the new documentation at the wiki: