• Events Today Thursday, May 06, 2021 in GemStone IV

    THURSDAY in Elanthia:

    (All Times Eastern.)

  • Roleplay Tip: Roll Yer Own


    Soliere COMMENDs the practice of making each of your characters a notecard with: name, ‘ways to say’ (yes, no, maybe, hi, bye), quirks (often: drinks, eats choco, cheers, hiccups, exclaims *yay!*), loves/hates, family/friends, fave locksmiths/clerics.

    ‘This helps make it easy to remember how to play each character consistently.’

    Cliff’s Notes, GS Style.

  • May 2021 Premium Contest Announced: Can’t Contain It

    PREMIUM: The May 2021 Premium Contest was announced by GM Zoelle, called *Can’t Contain-It* – and you get to design four various containers with long descriptions. There’s only 7 rules to follow! Read all about it at:

  • A Knight To Remember – For the Frontier’s Future – 5121-05-04 Recap

    STORYLINE-WL: Tuesday Night in the Landing: Mother declared Rooks won’t allow the Consortium to grow. Rooks will appropriate Consortium’s invar weapons shipment, then stand by to defend the streets of the Landing from the Knave. Mother said they will not recognize or honor the coup from the Consortium and will repel armigers. There’s more, but Mother has a plan, a target or two, and vows to keep the Landing free of external forces. For the Frontier’s Future.

  • 2021 Free FIXSKILLS Happening Soon

    PSA: The Annual free FIXSKILLS happens May 20th. It won’t stack if you have an unused one at that time. The next days are a great time to use a fixskill you have, knowing you have a new one headed your way on the 20th.

  • The Flight of The Manticore: May 2021 World Event

    FLIGHT of The MANTICORE: GM Auchand introduced May’s World storyline event, The Flight of The Manticore. A mysterious and hostile huge metal beast-like manticore-like was reported by Icemule Scouts. The Mayor is organizing an expedition for Friday at 9pm to the Olbin Pass to track it. In the meanwhile … safeguard yourselves. It could strike anywhere at any time! His post contains a schedule of times to plan on for the month, with pop up adventures possible at other times:

  • Roleplay Tip: Use The Zests


    Some scripted/zesty items let you introduce roleplaying subtleties. Consider a fully unlocked Discreet Container that lets you stow and get without any messaging. Perfect for quiet characters, storytelling, and sleight of hand! These are also sometimes referred to as containers with ‘vigilant’ messaging.

  • Rumor Woods 2021-Preview Scene 5: Giggle Woods

    RUMOR WOODS 2021: GM Thandiwe posts scene five from the Rumor Woods preview series: Giggle stones, revealing flowers and grass blades that can be plucked – and woven, as well as a wishing pool.