Day 3 of the 6th Annual Faendryl Symposium 24 September 2023

Sixth Annual Faendryl Symposium September 22-24, 2023

The Sixth Annual Faendryl Symposium is Friday-Sunday, September 22-24. Find out more about the Faendryl, the Enclave, and the habits and passions of the Faendryl diaspora at this annual cultural extravaganza. See the full schedule here: #GemStoneIV

Saturday at the Faendryl Symposium

Saturday at the Faendryl Symposium

TODAY at The Faendryl SYMPOSIUM:

Day 3 of the Faendryl Symposium’s events will be in the Alabaster Spire Building near the Landing:

  • 2pm: Learn About Necrobotany (room 23524)
  • 3pm: Lylia leads a discussion of Faendryl Atheism (room 16148)