So, you traveled from far, far away to the elven city of Ta’Vaalor full of vim and vigor, ready to take the title and top prize at Festival of the Fallen, but now here you are, struck down right as you were about to turn the match around! Now an empath and cleric hover over you, attending to your wounds and possible lack of life.

Your time in this arena is done, but you booked an entire weekend for your victory parades that will now never happen! What in the Gods are you supposed to do in this far away place you know nothing about?

Well friend, here, borrow my keys to the town and take a spin, just don’t tell them I sent you (no, seriously, don’t tell them I sent you):

  • You’d think Vaalor-folk would have no style, being so constantly martial-minded in our focus, but Ta’Vaalor has THE BEST clothes in the realm not found at a special festival. The Ta’Vaalor Men’s (17292) and Women’s Clothiers (17293) are absolutely worth a look if you have a special event coming up and need a piece or two to sharpen your profile a bit and make you stand out. Everyone should own at least one black silk shirt with long crisp sleeves or a pair of caramel-toned brushed suede pants!
  • Avoid Helgreth’s Tavern. The man disagrees with King Qalinor’s push to make the city more open and still attempts to keep non-elves out of his bar. Instead, go the Malwith Inn (10386). The standard drinks are cheaper, and the more expensive drinks taste better. There’s also a buffet (10388) where you can sample recently killed cockatrice from the Neartofar Forest or the finest roasted rolton direct from Yander’s farm. At the bar, you’ll find folks swapping war stories of tournaments past.
  • Within the Malwith Inn is Casu’s Coffee (13701). Locally sourced teas and coffees are sold here, and Casu also has a stove and materials for brewing up a coffee right then and there. No better way to dust yourself off a bit after death than a caffeine pick-me-up. Grab a crimson coffee mug to remember your time in Ta’Vaalor as a pseudo trophy. Can always have a merchant alter that to say “Number One Best-est Real Winner of FotF.”
  • The Annatto Rations Shop (10368) is a wonderful place to get some Vaalor-specific portable foods (Vaalor Gold cheese, elven waybread, etc.), but find your way into the backroom if you’re able, as the backroom is 100% chocolate based and some of the finest chocolates in the realm. Bring something back to your loved ones!
  • There’s an entire enclave of Burghal gnomes that live under Ta’Vaalor, and they have shops! Search around a bit to the north of the King’s Court and you can find one of the routes into their enclave. With a bit of backroom access at Stacked Vintners (26021), press and bottle your own personal bottle of private reserve wine and then hit Gearheads (26019) to come out wearing suspenders, a flight cap, and large flight goggles. Become the drunken airship captain you always wanted to be!
  • Visit the Ta’Vaalor weaponsmith (10367). You can not only see the region’s stunning backroom vaalorn weapons but also ask the proprietor Aerhseth why he showed up for work covered in flour that one time (Hint: check the rations shop!). Now you’re local-ing!

I could go on and on, but the fun part of any city is exploring what’s out there! The fishing gear and instruments are top notch, and on your way out there are equally intriguing options in Ravelin and across the Lake of Fear at Sylvarraend (campfire wood! Animal Companion food and clothes!). Ta’Illistim has some fabulous tobacco products and a bit extra to spike the coffee you bought at Casu’s (and yes, I ask why he doesn’t have a bit of eggnog to mix into my coffee every time I’m there).