Today is Niiman, day 25 of the month Charlatos in the year 5121. It is 19:31 by Elanthian Time, late in the evening.

Welcome to the first Sneaky Shopper episode! A semi-weekly (my fear of commitment prevents me from calling it weekly) review of your shops! Each week a shop will be chosen, at random, by request, or as part of a theme. Keep an eye on your shop – cause you know we are!

This week Dalabrac drew the short stick for our inaugural episode. Do you believe his hype or is it only canned ham? How juicy does it get at Dalabrac’s Juicy Ware’s? Will you have interesting company and great service or just be a lonely shopper? Let’s explore the cabinets, counters, racks, and tables in the iron-worked brownstone store on East Row, Monir Road [Rm# 340] together.

When you enter the charming brownstone, you come into the Outfitting section of his store. Dark heavy woods are dominated by a portrait of the sinister Darkstone Castle. On the table, at center stage, is a small selection of wares highlighted by his variety of -=Alchemy Jar Container=- bags for a million coins. Fair pricing for one of the top buy picks from last Duskruin, I would say. Oddly, also located on this table is a small selection of the greater enchanting potions and a 30-day encumbrance potion. The cabinet off to the side holds his Super Secure Gem Pouch collection. Each pouch appears priced by size and unlock status, between .25 million and 1.25 million depending. The one cuteness item in the room rests here in the cabinet, a rare and fearsome stuffed Doomicorn!

In a rough and tumble room to the north, we find the Weaponry division. Unfinished floors and a haphazard ceiling lend to the ruggedness of the exploring spirit here. The main display table showcases a small collection of ipantor ranged weapons and a single naginata. Per usual, always poke, prod. inspect, get, and examine a store’s wares to find those enhancive and extra properties. Sadly Mister Dalabrac has left the counter in this room empty, so we traced our “SS” initials in the dust and moved on.

Back through the Outfitting and to the south we arrive in the Magic Shoppe with great anticipation. Plainly constructed and neatly organized, the quaint magic division of the store highlights the standout elegant jewelry rack. Upon this rack is a fine collection of jewelry one could only assume as enhancive. With no sign and no information on the individual pieces, we were left guessing. A lonely inky necrotic core and set of moderately priced 6 times enchanted robes were the only things available for us easily identifiable.

With only one other visitor to the store our visit concluded. Mister Dalabrac’s store has well-priced and sought-after containers you might have missed at previous festivals and a small collection of other things. We were left wanting for information in the Magic Shoppe and disappointed by the empty counter in the Weaponry. This secret shopper felt the use of space and simplistic d├ęcor needed a touch more attention and perhaps a good revival.

Know a store that’s the bee’s knees? Heard that a certain shop has upgraded steals and deals all the time? Is there a conglomerate of shops you use daily? Let us know! We’re looking for ideas for future articles.

Your Town Crier Sneaky Shopper


Sneaky Shopper

Sneaky Shopper is me, is you, is him, is her, and is them! We love to shop your stores, point to your deals, and poke your sores. Dust those racks and fluff that inventory we'll see you soon! Sneaky Shopper started their internship here at The TownCrier, Charlatos in the year 5121.